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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


After describing the most recent writing challenge to some of my colleagues (including my boss) several of them (rather disturbingly) decided that the man in the picture was a flasher so in honour of that I have written the following poem.

Every day he walked this walk
he turned up without fail
always dressed in a long mac
through sun,rain,wind and hail

His fellow walkers said hello
the runners just flew by
very soon they'd all ignore him
and only he knew why

He wasn't sure why he felt
the need to show them all
but every day like clockwork
he hid behind the wall

There were no clothes beneath that mac
which, unfastened opened wide
so he could show all that passed
just what was hid inside

Before too long, police were called
and Peter was arrested
in prison it seemed his liking
for nudity, was tested.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 4

A picture paints a thousand words - using the following picture as a starting piece we have been challenged to write a piece of prose, poetry or fiction inspired by the picture. so here is my effort :)

The rain seemed like a perfect accompaniment to his dull mood, Ian was taking a walk after sitting in the hospital for several hours. The fresh air seemed to help clear his head and the peace that comes from such an early morning walk was helping him to think. Ian wasn't sure he wanted to return to the hospital, he knew he had to but something was stopping him, this wasn't part of his plan. Maybe that was part of the problem, he planned far too much; everything had to be planned, shopping lists had to be stuck to, menu plans were made every sunday for the following week and packing for holiday was like a military operation. Organisation was part of the attraction between Ian and Marie, she was even more of a planner than he was and so incredibly tidy, everything had to be kept in place. Since moving in together their house was spotless, you would never find even a speck of dust in the place, Marie's tidiness bordered on obsessive which is why this came as such a shock. They had never discussed it ever, Ian assumed they were happy as they were why change things ?. When Ian received the phone call at work he feared the worst, Marie had collapsed in agony and been sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital, it took him nearly two hours to arrive at her bedside and after receiving the news he spent the next few hours sat in the waiting room in shock. He left the hospital without going back in to see her, he knew it was wrong she needed him now more than ever. He had to go back, he had to tell her it would all be okay, they would cope. The sun started shining through the rain on his return and a smile came to his face, he upped his pace and almost started jogging back, it's going to be ok he thought to himself, we'll cope, I mean how much mess can one baby make ?. When he returned to his wife's bedside she looked worried so he repeated to her what he had told himself on his way back, it will all be ok, we'll cope, don't worry. On Marie's reply "it's twins" Ian fainted.

Monday, 29 August 2011


Typically I wear quite dark clothes, blue, black grey etc in fact I could do with a light in my wardrobe to be able to tell the difference between everything. Today I bought a new top in PINK, yes pink, it is a dark pink but even so. It has butterflies on it which was a huge reason for purchase and the only other colour was white and I don't do white tops so I put it in my wardrobe and it has instantly brightened it up. How often it gets worn is a different matter but I now have a little bit of colour in my wardrobe thats good enough for now :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

weight loss update

So I done it I managed to acheive my 4 1/2 stone award this evening after losing 5lb this week I am so over the moon to get to this point. To top it off I was slimmer of the week and voted a joint runner up for the groups woman of the year award for which I received a bunch of flowers and a mini bottle of wine. I am so pleased to be able to say I have now lost a total of 4 stone 8 and 1/2 lb the most I have ever lost before. :)
now to keep it going

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 3

So the challenge for this week is to rewrite a fairytale with some suggestions from work colleagues I decided to write my own version of Hansel and Gretel based on some local 'characters'. I wrote this in one go and have decided to post it as it is without any editing of it. hope you like it :)

Bedminster and Leilani
Once upon a time in the small village of Topley, lived  Bedminster and his sister Leilani, they lived with their mum and her boyfriend in one of the best houses in the village (they had more scrap cars in the front garden than anyone). When mum found out she was expecting another baby she told Bedminster and Leilani that they had to leave or make some money as they couldn’t afford to keep them all.
The next morning the brother and sister duo were kicked out of the house early and told not to return. They set off on a journey through the next town and kept going and going, eventually the only house in sight was a magnificent one, there were two huge dogs in the garden which was overgrown and contained no less than five scrap cars. Through the window they spotted bright lights and what looked like lots of plants sat on tables, in the next room sat several men and women surrounded by clouds of smoke and all appeared to be in fits of giggles. The two dogs started to bark loudly which alerted the occupants who all came to the door. One man leered at Leilani and said to his friend “blimey she’s a bit skinny aint she, af to fatten er up a bit an feed em both t’the dogs”
A very large woman stood in front of the children with her arms folded across her chest, “you wan somfin?” she spat at them. “We’ve been kicked out cos of the new sprog and need to make some money to get ome” said Bedminster. The woman invited them in after telling them she had some jobs they could do selling her goods.
So every day Bedminster walked into the town with a brown paper bag handed it over to whoever met him at the other end in exchange for cash and returned to the house. Meanwhile Leilani was kept at the house and plied with food all day. She knew her fate was to be fed to the dogs and really wanted to go back to Topley even though she knew her mum didn’t want her there. One evening she told Bedminster they had to come up with a plan to get home, so every time he went into town he saved some of the money he got and kept it hidden, eventually they had enough cash to get the local bus back to Topley.
When they arrived back home mum came out of the front door looking really pleased to see them, when they asked her why she replied that her boyfriend had left her for the tenth time and as she was so far pregnant she was unable to pick things up from the shop as well as the kids could. So they were all happy to be a family again and the following day mum sent the kids off to the local shop with a shopping list, no need for money Bedminster and Leilani were the best shoplifters in the village. They came home laden with goods having stuffed them in their pockets and bags and in the old pram they found on the way to the shop. Mum was overjoyed and so happy to have her kids back, and they all lived chavily ever after.

The End.


Okay so my 2nd challenge from my friends was a request from my best mate to write a poem about her cat misty so here it is.

She's cheeky and naughty
she'll sleep on your bed
she loves to eat dreamies
even after she's fed

She'll visit your guests
and sit on their laps
she's ever so nosey
and won't take her naps

She'll sit by your feet
when you're eating dinner
while you're sharing with her
at least you're getting thinner

She is very sociable
and mischievous too
but one things for sure
your cat loves you.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My new friend

I have had a request from friends to write some upbeat poems (I do agree that most of mine are not upbeat) so on that note I was given a couple of challenges, the first was to write about a snail called marzipan who likes nutella. so here is my attempt at this.

I have a friend who visits me
I call it Marzipan the snail
I've never really been quite sure
whether its male or female

I want to call it she or her
but would they be offended
after all most land snails
are actually double gendered

I think it leans towards the she
as like most girls I know
she loves to eat nutella spread
and her shell's beginning to grow

Marzipan is really friendly
I hope she comes back soon
so we can plan our special trip
we're visiting the moon.

updated with Marc's picture to accompany the poem (the nutella is missing as i ate it all)

Monday, 22 August 2011


It's over
move on
he's not coming back

you flirted
he flirted
you pushed it too far

he left
you stayed
he's moved on with her

there's others
you'll see
it'll work out one day

you'll forget
you'll love
your heart will mend again.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

First sign of madness ?!

I talk to myself.... a lot !! since moving into my flat 5 years ago it's become more frequent. I do it at home which is fine there is nobody else here to notice but now it's spreading. I do it at work now too but even worse I caught myself doing it while shopping, okay so while food shopping it's probably not so bad standing with my trolley and saying out loud "oh bread, I must not forget bread" the same can not be said for standing in the middle of wilko's deliberating between styles and sizes of notebooks which is exactly what I was doing last week. "now if I get the small butterfly one then I can get the medium size cupcake one, oh but actually I prefer the small cupcake one " and so on :) luckily there was nobody around when I was doing it unless of course they were stood around the corner sniggering, I know I would have been :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Film or book ?

Is it better to watch the film adaptation first or read the book first ? I've tried it for different books both ways with different experiences.
For example I Read the book Evelyn before watching the film and found the film to live up to everything I imagined whilst reading the book.
I watched the film The Green Mile before reading the book and really struggled with the reading, I don't think I even finished the book. (which is very unusual for me, I hate not being able to finish a book)
Stardust I watched first then read the book and really loved both in different ways, the book really lets your imagination come out and see the characters in your own head but I also love the film.
Angela's ashes - film first book second, found the book to be better than the film.
The colour purple - film first then years later I read the book and loved it so watched the film again and although it's good I much preferred the book.
Shopaholic - book first then film, enjoyed the film but didn't think it lived up to the book.
I have The Lovely Bones book set aside to read and haven't yet watched the film.
I have watched all the Harry Potter films but not read any of the books.

Do you have a preference for which order to view and read ? :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Memory problems and confidence issues

This morning I decided to have a read through my old school reports, my physical education ones from each year seemed to say the same - Sharleene is a very cheerful person, she always has funny comments to make, she is always smiling. Or in other words, Sharleene is rubbish at P.E but she keeps going and keeps laughing at herself :).
Focusing on the reports from my English teachers (due to doing an English degree) some of the comments are similar to my Open Uni tutors' with regards to silly grammar and punctuation mistakes. But on reading the reports from my GCSE years I was informed that I had studied Of mice and men, Macbeth, Hobson's choice and Talking in whispers. So how is it that I only remember Of mice and men ?? I really do not recall studying the others at all.
To quote my year 10 English teacher.

"She has also produced some good work on 'Talking in Whispers', a book she must now know quite well. She enjoys reading, especially books of her own choosing, and is beginning to write good responses to literature."

I don't remember this book at all and so I am tempted to purchase it in an effort to refresh my memory and maybe the others too. He is of course correct in the book choosing comment as I do feel if I could choose the books to write my essays on then I would do loads better. But as I can't then I must get back to what I thought was my first Shakespeare experience, though according to these reports it clearly isn't ??!!

Nearly all my subject teachers commented on the fact that I preferred not to share ideas with the whole class and worked better in small groups, clearly my confidence has always been the way it is now. I'm so scared of being wrong and feeling humiliated that I don't want to put myself out there. Perhaps writing this blog will help build my confidence in myself as a person and as a writer :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A215 weekly writing challenge week 2

Week 2 - Write a vignette using 'we meet again' as your prompt. for those of you who didn't know (myself included) a vignette is a snapshot giving an impression of a character. so here's my attempt.

As I sat in the waiting room I could hear him walking through the corridor; I knew it was him, he has this walk that's a mixture of a shuffle and a stomp. Making the phone call was bad enough the man has never liked me and he has never hidden the fact, but face to face and alone I know he won't hold back. For any normal person this would be neither the time nor the place but he is far from normal. His deep voice cuts into my thoughts,
"It would seem we meet again then Lee ?"
I'm too exhausted to get into an argument with him right now so instead I just raise my chin slightly at him, just to acknowledge his existence.
"of course if you had done what I asked years ago, we would never have met again and would certainly not be in this situation"
I can tell by his tone that he's blaming me for this, of course it's all my fault, why wouldn't it be ? I can't help myself with my angry response to him,
"she's in surgery by the way, she had to be cut from the car, there's only a twenty percent chance she'll pull through, just in case you were interested"
as my tears start to fall I get even angrier
"of course if you had your way it would be me led under the surgeon's knife right now wouldn't it Mr Ambrose ? it would be me with the smallest chance of living through this"
He is staring out of the window with his back to me so I step closer and start to shout
"of course Mr Ambrose if you spoke to your daughter more often you would have known that her car was in the garage and she was using mine, you would have known that it wasn't me in that car and you would have been able to stop this from happening, I know this was your doing and when my wife pulls through, she will know too"
As I leave the room I hear him slump into a chair and begin to sob, it's too little too late in my opinion.

Monday, 15 August 2011

To see you one more time

I really wish you'd visit
maybe just to say hello,
then I'd know you were okay
and perhaps I could let go

If you came to visit
there is so much I could say
but mostly I'd tell you I love you
and I think of you every day

If you can not visit
then maybe send a sign
nothing that will spook me
something subtle will be fine

I know you can not visit
it's wishful thinking on my part
but it doesn't matter anyway
as you will never leave my heart.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I Hate waiting

I am a very impatient person, I hate waiting for anything. Waiting for people to turn up, someone to phone me back, essay results I hate it all.
However on the other end of the scale, I am late 99% of the time (especially for work), I often forget to return calls and text messages and I always leave it to the very last minute to send in my essay's.

You get what you give I suppose :)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Stationary Geek

I am aware that I have a bit of an obsession with stationary, I own many many notebooks some of which are unused but still feel the need to buy new ones. Today I purchased a lovely A6 size winnie the pooh notebook that will go in my bag and therefore I can write any notes of inspiration down while I am out and about. I was quite excited by my purchase (sad I know) which prompted my best mate to call me a Geek, this is not the first time and the sight of me carrying my backpack with my shopping in probably didn't help. The vast number of pens, pencils and notebooks I now have in my home prompts me to think she is right and I am in fact a geek. I am ok with that and in light of this admission I may celebrate and buy another notebook :)

Friday, 12 August 2011

My weight loss journey

For years I have dieted on and off, losing weight then regaining all of it and more. In 2009  I decided once and for all that I needed and (most importantly) I wanted to lose weight and keep it off. I joined slimming world (not for the first time) on Nov 5th knowing that I would be in for a very long journey, this was to be a change of lifestyle not just a change of eating habits. In previous attempts I had managed good losses of 2 or 3 stone before it all came to a standstill and I gave up, this time I was determined that I would keep going and not give up even when the weight wasn't shifting. The first few months of my journey went fairly smoothly with some decent weekly losses and a few gains and maintains in between. on August 12th 2010 (9 months in) I received my 4 stone award. This one was a big deal to me as it's the most I had ever lost, however I celebrated this award slightly too much and the gain the following week took a further 2 weeks to lose again.
This first picture is from my 30th birthday 4 months before I joined slimming world and the second is at my 4 stone loss point.
Since that point I have had 2 holidays, Christmas and I started studying towards a degree, my weight has gone up and down on a weekly basis and I've struggled to get to the next award point of 4 & 1/2 stone loss. on July 28th I weighed in at my lowest weight so far which I maintained the following week. This week however I gained weight and now I am 3 &1/2lb away from my next award which I am determined to get this week. When following the plan 100% I know I am capable of this and hopefully this will put me back on track to continue losing.

Update : ok so i maintained my weight this week and didn't reach my award, but considering the type of week I had at work I'm fine with it and now more determined this week to do it. fingers crossed :)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spider spider

Spider spider
just so you know
a piece of paper under the glass
and out the window you'll go.

A215 weekly challenge week 1

A215 weekly challenge week 1 - write a poem with the theme of brutality. here is my attempt.

My birthday was a riot
quite literally it seems
the city is full of thugs
adults,kids and teens

fires spread through homes and shops
while residents hide in fear
I of course am on holiday
there is no violence here

while i sit lazily by the pool
a cocktail in my hand
fear and panic spreads
for residents of my homeland

have no fear dear friends of mine
the country rallies around
they cannot replace your homes and shops
but their brooms will sweep the ground

the violence still continues
and lives are being lost
never mind the trainers and tv's
this is the most expensive cost

the country is a mess
which really is such a shame
and nobody knows the reasons why
or who they need to blame

the thugs will get their punishments
their time in court will come
but rest assured we'll tidy up
and rise above the scum.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I didn't see my dad
for the past eleven years
until my aunty called one night
and explained between her tears.

I didn't see my dad
while he lay there on the bed
he looked alive and sleeping
but he was already dead.

I didn't see my dad
when I visited with flowers
he said he'd be around
but I waited there for hours.

I didn't see my dad
when the bus passed him by
he said to wave and smile
but all I can do is cry.

Originally I wrote this back to front, not sure why or where it came from (my dad is thankfully still here :) )

I took off my Pyjama's

I took off my pyjama's
and climbed into bed
something wasn't right
there's no way he was dead

I took off my pyjama's
and made a cup of tea
something wasn't right
there's no way he'd leave me

I took off my pyjama's
and reached for the tissue box
something wasn't right
I'm sure I heard keys in the locks

I took off my pyjama's
when I woke the next morning
something isn't right
I'm too young to be in mourning.


Roses come in many colours
black, red,yellow,white and blue
but a rose is a flower
that I would never buy for you.

Crysanthemums look like weeds
and Lillies smell too strong
I wouldn't buy these for you either
not even if I was wrong.

Carnations are a pretty flower
and Freesia's look good too
I have before and will again
buy some of these for you.

Some may say it's simple tastes
but I know that well or ill
the very best flower to buy for you
is the happy sunny Daffodil.

Written for my mum xx (although i haven't shown her)