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Thursday, 11 August 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 1

A215 weekly challenge week 1 - write a poem with the theme of brutality. here is my attempt.

My birthday was a riot
quite literally it seems
the city is full of thugs
adults,kids and teens

fires spread through homes and shops
while residents hide in fear
I of course am on holiday
there is no violence here

while i sit lazily by the pool
a cocktail in my hand
fear and panic spreads
for residents of my homeland

have no fear dear friends of mine
the country rallies around
they cannot replace your homes and shops
but their brooms will sweep the ground

the violence still continues
and lives are being lost
never mind the trainers and tv's
this is the most expensive cost

the country is a mess
which really is such a shame
and nobody knows the reasons why
or who they need to blame

the thugs will get their punishments
their time in court will come
but rest assured we'll tidy up
and rise above the scum.

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