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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 4

A picture paints a thousand words - using the following picture as a starting piece we have been challenged to write a piece of prose, poetry or fiction inspired by the picture. so here is my effort :)

The rain seemed like a perfect accompaniment to his dull mood, Ian was taking a walk after sitting in the hospital for several hours. The fresh air seemed to help clear his head and the peace that comes from such an early morning walk was helping him to think. Ian wasn't sure he wanted to return to the hospital, he knew he had to but something was stopping him, this wasn't part of his plan. Maybe that was part of the problem, he planned far too much; everything had to be planned, shopping lists had to be stuck to, menu plans were made every sunday for the following week and packing for holiday was like a military operation. Organisation was part of the attraction between Ian and Marie, she was even more of a planner than he was and so incredibly tidy, everything had to be kept in place. Since moving in together their house was spotless, you would never find even a speck of dust in the place, Marie's tidiness bordered on obsessive which is why this came as such a shock. They had never discussed it ever, Ian assumed they were happy as they were why change things ?. When Ian received the phone call at work he feared the worst, Marie had collapsed in agony and been sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital, it took him nearly two hours to arrive at her bedside and after receiving the news he spent the next few hours sat in the waiting room in shock. He left the hospital without going back in to see her, he knew it was wrong she needed him now more than ever. He had to go back, he had to tell her it would all be okay, they would cope. The sun started shining through the rain on his return and a smile came to his face, he upped his pace and almost started jogging back, it's going to be ok he thought to himself, we'll cope, I mean how much mess can one baby make ?. When he returned to his wife's bedside she looked worried so he repeated to her what he had told himself on his way back, it will all be ok, we'll cope, don't worry. On Marie's reply "it's twins" Ian fainted.


  1. Brilliant. It reminds me of that advert where the Dad is filming the birth and the shot starts going backwards as he falls to the floor. Nice one! :-)

  2. I liked this... It was an surprising twist with a wee comedic element!! :D Great stuff :D