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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A215 weekly writing challenge week 2

Week 2 - Write a vignette using 'we meet again' as your prompt. for those of you who didn't know (myself included) a vignette is a snapshot giving an impression of a character. so here's my attempt.

As I sat in the waiting room I could hear him walking through the corridor; I knew it was him, he has this walk that's a mixture of a shuffle and a stomp. Making the phone call was bad enough the man has never liked me and he has never hidden the fact, but face to face and alone I know he won't hold back. For any normal person this would be neither the time nor the place but he is far from normal. His deep voice cuts into my thoughts,
"It would seem we meet again then Lee ?"
I'm too exhausted to get into an argument with him right now so instead I just raise my chin slightly at him, just to acknowledge his existence.
"of course if you had done what I asked years ago, we would never have met again and would certainly not be in this situation"
I can tell by his tone that he's blaming me for this, of course it's all my fault, why wouldn't it be ? I can't help myself with my angry response to him,
"she's in surgery by the way, she had to be cut from the car, there's only a twenty percent chance she'll pull through, just in case you were interested"
as my tears start to fall I get even angrier
"of course if you had your way it would be me led under the surgeon's knife right now wouldn't it Mr Ambrose ? it would be me with the smallest chance of living through this"
He is staring out of the window with his back to me so I step closer and start to shout
"of course Mr Ambrose if you spoke to your daughter more often you would have known that her car was in the garage and she was using mine, you would have known that it wasn't me in that car and you would have been able to stop this from happening, I know this was your doing and when my wife pulls through, she will know too"
As I leave the room I hear him slump into a chair and begin to sob, it's too little too late in my opinion.

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