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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Film or book ?

Is it better to watch the film adaptation first or read the book first ? I've tried it for different books both ways with different experiences.
For example I Read the book Evelyn before watching the film and found the film to live up to everything I imagined whilst reading the book.
I watched the film The Green Mile before reading the book and really struggled with the reading, I don't think I even finished the book. (which is very unusual for me, I hate not being able to finish a book)
Stardust I watched first then read the book and really loved both in different ways, the book really lets your imagination come out and see the characters in your own head but I also love the film.
Angela's ashes - film first book second, found the book to be better than the film.
The colour purple - film first then years later I read the book and loved it so watched the film again and although it's good I much preferred the book.
Shopaholic - book first then film, enjoyed the film but didn't think it lived up to the book.
I have The Lovely Bones book set aside to read and haven't yet watched the film.
I have watched all the Harry Potter films but not read any of the books.

Do you have a preference for which order to view and read ? :)


  1. I'm the same, some of them I can appreciate as films even when I've read the book. Even if it's quite different, others I can't... Think it depends on the quality of both end products :)

  2. I always read the book before watching the film; mostly so I can sit and whinge about the film not staying true to the book.
    I have issues. X