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Sunday, 21 August 2011

First sign of madness ?!

I talk to myself.... a lot !! since moving into my flat 5 years ago it's become more frequent. I do it at home which is fine there is nobody else here to notice but now it's spreading. I do it at work now too but even worse I caught myself doing it while shopping, okay so while food shopping it's probably not so bad standing with my trolley and saying out loud "oh bread, I must not forget bread" the same can not be said for standing in the middle of wilko's deliberating between styles and sizes of notebooks which is exactly what I was doing last week. "now if I get the small butterfly one then I can get the medium size cupcake one, oh but actually I prefer the small cupcake one " and so on :) luckily there was nobody around when I was doing it unless of course they were stood around the corner sniggering, I know I would have been :)


  1. hehe - I talk to myself all the time and yes, often get caught. I have been known to break into spontaneous singing just to try and cover up the fact! Chat on :)

  2. It could be worse.
    You could argue with yourself. And lose.

    I do this often. "I won't eat that cake" ("oh yes you will!") "NO! I won't!" (Eats cake)