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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My new friend

I have had a request from friends to write some upbeat poems (I do agree that most of mine are not upbeat) so on that note I was given a couple of challenges, the first was to write about a snail called marzipan who likes nutella. so here is my attempt at this.

I have a friend who visits me
I call it Marzipan the snail
I've never really been quite sure
whether its male or female

I want to call it she or her
but would they be offended
after all most land snails
are actually double gendered

I think it leans towards the she
as like most girls I know
she loves to eat nutella spread
and her shell's beginning to grow

Marzipan is really friendly
I hope she comes back soon
so we can plan our special trip
we're visiting the moon.

updated with Marc's picture to accompany the poem (the nutella is missing as i ate it all)


  1. loved it !! :-D
    now i have to draw it based on the story lol (marc)