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Friday, 12 August 2011

My weight loss journey

For years I have dieted on and off, losing weight then regaining all of it and more. In 2009  I decided once and for all that I needed and (most importantly) I wanted to lose weight and keep it off. I joined slimming world (not for the first time) on Nov 5th knowing that I would be in for a very long journey, this was to be a change of lifestyle not just a change of eating habits. In previous attempts I had managed good losses of 2 or 3 stone before it all came to a standstill and I gave up, this time I was determined that I would keep going and not give up even when the weight wasn't shifting. The first few months of my journey went fairly smoothly with some decent weekly losses and a few gains and maintains in between. on August 12th 2010 (9 months in) I received my 4 stone award. This one was a big deal to me as it's the most I had ever lost, however I celebrated this award slightly too much and the gain the following week took a further 2 weeks to lose again.
This first picture is from my 30th birthday 4 months before I joined slimming world and the second is at my 4 stone loss point.
Since that point I have had 2 holidays, Christmas and I started studying towards a degree, my weight has gone up and down on a weekly basis and I've struggled to get to the next award point of 4 & 1/2 stone loss. on July 28th I weighed in at my lowest weight so far which I maintained the following week. This week however I gained weight and now I am 3 &1/2lb away from my next award which I am determined to get this week. When following the plan 100% I know I am capable of this and hopefully this will put me back on track to continue losing.

Update : ok so i maintained my weight this week and didn't reach my award, but considering the type of week I had at work I'm fine with it and now more determined this week to do it. fingers crossed :)

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  1. Personally, I've never seen you as fat,thin or anything other than my best mate!!!