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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 8


Write a conversation between two people who don't know each other:
This conversation must change both their lives forever.
**Bonus Challenge** Write a Haiku about your greatest fear.
To be completed whenever you like. so here is my attempt :)

so my greatest fear currently, has inspired this Haiku.

Re-read all the books
feel ready for the exam
mind goes blank, I fail.

A210 exam in less than 2 weeks !!!!


After a little silence Lizzie said "Are you nervous sue ?" Sue smiled "A little, but not for myself. I've done this before remember? I know what to expect, I am nervous for you though"
"why for me ? I don't have to do anything, you have to do all the hard work"
Sue chuckled slightly " Lizzie the hard work rests on you, it's your decision to make whether I am the right person for the job, you have to watch it all from the sidelines, and let's face it the real hard work starts when my job finishes, I am ready for this, the question is are you ?"
"I think so"
"you don't sound sure Lizzie"
"it's a big decision to make, but I think it would be better for someone I don't know to be the one that does it, less emotional maybe ? but we will become friends right ? I mean I'll be involved the whole way along ?"
"of course you will and yes we will be friends,you can't remain strangers through this, just be prepared for the emotions"
they both fell silent for a while, eventually Lizzie broke the silence.
"okay I am ready, I am sure, Sue I would be forever indebted to you"
"are you saying you want me to do this ? "
"yes Sue I would love it if you would help me have the baby I have longed for"
"I am already looking forward to it" the two young women smiled at each other lifted their coffee mugs and made a toast. "to surrogacy" Lizzie said "to surrogacy and new friends" replied Sue.

Please note this does not come from personal experience so I make my apologies if I have not captured it correctly. :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Laughing like a looney tune

I love laughing, love to read funny stories and watch funny films and the tv comedian shows are great. Sometimes I laugh until I have tears rolling down my cheeks, sometimes my belly hurts from laughing too much. But I find the best type of laughter is the little chuckles you have to yourself when nobody knows why !!. For instance today at work I followed my normal routine and started giggling for no apparant reason, it was because I was thinking of something that had made me laugh the night before and the laughter just came back, the more I thought how silly I looked stood in the middle of the shop floor laughing, the more I found it funny.
I love laughing and I love the laughter that keeps on going :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge - week 7

Life Writing

Write an autobiographical piece about love.
Love lost, love found, love rejected.. your choice. here goes then :)

Unrequited love

Every time I see him my heart skips a little, I feel nervous for no reason, when he looks in my direction and smiles I feel like melting. Everything about him I love, his gorgeous eyes, his chiseled looks, his perfect bum. I am smiling constantly and there is music, such beautiful music, then he's gone replaced by another vision of beauty but I keep looking for him to return. I start singing to the music thinking people are going to think I am mad in a minute, singing, smiling and staring,what a nutter; but as I look around I realise I have competition I quickly return my eyes to search for him and he returns to my view. I am also not the only one singing, I so want to push these women out of the way so he see's only me but that's unrealistic, besides I have photo's to prove it's me he is looking at, it's me he is singing to. When I am looking at him everyone else just vanishes. I am in love, but heartbroken that my love can not be returned by him, at the end of the evening we go our seperate ways. I will return to see my love again............. At least I will if Take That go back on tour :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Never judge a book by it's cover..........

........ or by your first reading of it. My first experience with Pride and Prejudice was not a great one, having watched the film starring Keira Knightley it wasn't really a story I was drawn to and my first reading of it felt the same. Having to read a book because I'm told to (it's neccesary for my course) usually means I rebel and decide I don't like it, I managed to read part one which was enough for my essay (for which I received my highest mark for the course) and after that gave up, now it's revision time and it appears to have reared its ugly head again. Having decided I didn't want to use P&P for the exam I then dreamt about using it and decided that I probably shouldn't overlook my dream, so I borrowed the video (yes they're still about and yes I still have a video player) of the Colin Firth version. Of course it is helped by the fact that Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth is really rather yummy to watch, but I surprised myself by watching all 5 hours of it in one go and thoroughly enjoyed it. So in an effort to get a complete grasp ready for the exam in just over 3 weeks (aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!) I shall now attempt to read the rest of the book. Using the same approach with Frankenstein I feel more confident on this section of the exam. Now to get my head around Poetry and Shakespeare.......

Monday, 12 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 6

This weeks challenge is - Twitterati

Write a piece of fiction using only 140 characters. This challenge is designed to make you think about your words, your letters and your punctuation. Write something that will allow your reader to fill in the blanks.

Remember, this is not 'up to 140 characters' - it is exactly 140 characters!
So here's my effort :)

Joy never realised how much she would regret sending that last text, it had ruined everything, she didn't think there was that much to ruin.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Donating Blood

Today I donated blood for the 14th time (I think it's actually more than that but I did have a long break). Sometimes my blood can be a bit temperamental and on several occasions they've had to try both arms to get it to work, and on one occasion it was so slow they had to stop my donation :(. Usually though when it does want to work it works quickly, today I decided to time my donation and from the moment the needle went in to the moment the red light started flashing was approximately 4 minutes, pretty quick even for me. So the actual donation can be pretty quick (no longer than 20mins), if you make an appointment then the wait is not too long and you get a cup of tea and a biscuit for your trouble, today's appointment took up less than an hour for me. So what I guess I am trying to say is if you can give blood then I would wholly recommend doing it, take an hour out of your day once every 4 months and do your bit.
You never know who may need that blood to save their life. :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge - week 5

Thiw weeks challenge is to write a piece of Flash Fiction using the prompt - Now or never
Here's my effort :)

Maddie’s choice

Maddie couldn’t decide, couldn’t or wouldn’t, soon she would have no choice. Every time she looked into his baby blue eyes she melted, she couldn’t leave him she knew he would fall apart if she did. Paul had been in her life for five years on and off but the last two had been wonderful almost dreamlike, full of romantic dates, weekends away and holidays; Paris being her favourite mostly because that’s where he proposed. Getting down on one knee at the top of the Eiffel tower was hardly original but she was so over the moon that he had done it she put that aside and they enjoyed the rest of their holiday as a newly betrothed couple.  Planning the wedding had taken its toll on their relationship and in the last three months she could count the amount of times they had slept together on one hand, of course her working late didn’t help and his over enthusiasm for the wedding was really getting on her nerves, Maddie wasn’t given much choice in the planning of the wedding, she was quite surprised that she was even allowed to choose the dress herself. With the date set for just 3 weeks away nerves were setting in and the bickering was starting again. With raising more funds for the honeymoon as an excuse, Maddie spent more and more time at work, of course the real reason was her boss Michael. Their affair had been going on since Paul had proposed to her, Michael was the total opposite to Paul, a beefy looking bloke who didn’t have a romantic bone in his body he treated Maddie like a piece of meat, literally there just for his pleasure although she found she liked it. Maddie began questioning spending the rest of her life with a man who was more feminine than her, she knew she had to make a choice and quickly, it was now or never.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bah Humbug

So the countdown to christmas is upon us now that X Factor has started and the warehouse at work is starting to fill up with tins of christmas chocolates. I don't really do christmas, in fact last year on the big day I went to weston super mare with my parents and their dogs. We had a lovely walk along the snow filled beach, found a cafe open so I bought a stick of rock as you do :) and enjoyed our Christmas dinner sat in the car, a picnic of tomato soup followed by a turkey and stuffing baguette and mince pie for pud (I have no problem with xmas food). All in all a lovely day out, the previous year I spent at home with pizza and garlic bread, new pyjama's and plenty of dvd's. The reaction I usually get is "what ?? you can't do that on xmas day !!" well you know what ? I can and I will, I have yet to make plans for this year, I am open to ideas though :)