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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge - week 7

Life Writing

Write an autobiographical piece about love.
Love lost, love found, love rejected.. your choice. here goes then :)

Unrequited love

Every time I see him my heart skips a little, I feel nervous for no reason, when he looks in my direction and smiles I feel like melting. Everything about him I love, his gorgeous eyes, his chiseled looks, his perfect bum. I am smiling constantly and there is music, such beautiful music, then he's gone replaced by another vision of beauty but I keep looking for him to return. I start singing to the music thinking people are going to think I am mad in a minute, singing, smiling and staring,what a nutter; but as I look around I realise I have competition I quickly return my eyes to search for him and he returns to my view. I am also not the only one singing, I so want to push these women out of the way so he see's only me but that's unrealistic, besides I have photo's to prove it's me he is looking at, it's me he is singing to. When I am looking at him everyone else just vanishes. I am in love, but heartbroken that my love can not be returned by him, at the end of the evening we go our seperate ways. I will return to see my love again............. At least I will if Take That go back on tour :)


  1. It is great and I like it and so realistic!

  2. This is great! fantastic reading :)