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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A215 weekly challenge week 8


Write a conversation between two people who don't know each other:
This conversation must change both their lives forever.
**Bonus Challenge** Write a Haiku about your greatest fear.
To be completed whenever you like. so here is my attempt :)

so my greatest fear currently, has inspired this Haiku.

Re-read all the books
feel ready for the exam
mind goes blank, I fail.

A210 exam in less than 2 weeks !!!!


After a little silence Lizzie said "Are you nervous sue ?" Sue smiled "A little, but not for myself. I've done this before remember? I know what to expect, I am nervous for you though"
"why for me ? I don't have to do anything, you have to do all the hard work"
Sue chuckled slightly " Lizzie the hard work rests on you, it's your decision to make whether I am the right person for the job, you have to watch it all from the sidelines, and let's face it the real hard work starts when my job finishes, I am ready for this, the question is are you ?"
"I think so"
"you don't sound sure Lizzie"
"it's a big decision to make, but I think it would be better for someone I don't know to be the one that does it, less emotional maybe ? but we will become friends right ? I mean I'll be involved the whole way along ?"
"of course you will and yes we will be friends,you can't remain strangers through this, just be prepared for the emotions"
they both fell silent for a while, eventually Lizzie broke the silence.
"okay I am ready, I am sure, Sue I would be forever indebted to you"
"are you saying you want me to do this ? "
"yes Sue I would love it if you would help me have the baby I have longed for"
"I am already looking forward to it" the two young women smiled at each other lifted their coffee mugs and made a toast. "to surrogacy" Lizzie said "to surrogacy and new friends" replied Sue.

Please note this does not come from personal experience so I make my apologies if I have not captured it correctly. :)

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  1. Definitely a life changing decision made by 2 strangers. Well done.