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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Never judge a book by it's cover..........

........ or by your first reading of it. My first experience with Pride and Prejudice was not a great one, having watched the film starring Keira Knightley it wasn't really a story I was drawn to and my first reading of it felt the same. Having to read a book because I'm told to (it's neccesary for my course) usually means I rebel and decide I don't like it, I managed to read part one which was enough for my essay (for which I received my highest mark for the course) and after that gave up, now it's revision time and it appears to have reared its ugly head again. Having decided I didn't want to use P&P for the exam I then dreamt about using it and decided that I probably shouldn't overlook my dream, so I borrowed the video (yes they're still about and yes I still have a video player) of the Colin Firth version. Of course it is helped by the fact that Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth is really rather yummy to watch, but I surprised myself by watching all 5 hours of it in one go and thoroughly enjoyed it. So in an effort to get a complete grasp ready for the exam in just over 3 weeks (aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!) I shall now attempt to read the rest of the book. Using the same approach with Frankenstein I feel more confident on this section of the exam. Now to get my head around Poetry and Shakespeare.......

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  1. I must admit, I really does take someone as yummy as Firth to give Dary that appeal. :)
    I completely understand what you are going through! I had no choice but to study Emma in school and hated every moment of it! Never liked it, still dont like it.
    For A150 last year I did Hard Times by Dickens and it was awful. I couldn't bring myself to do it in the exam and went with the History Question. Still failed it though...
    Best of luck!!