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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Memories- Making cakes at nannies house

As part of the creative writing coursebook activities I have written the following memory as if in the present tense.

I am in nannies kitchen baking cakes with her, probably butterfly cakes but I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that its my turn to lick the bowl and spoon. I'm sure there is enough cake mix left to make another cake (as always) but I still get to eat it, it tastes creamy and a bit lumpy but its lovely. The mixing bowl is huge (probably not actually that big but I am only little) its brown on the outside and has a pattern that makes it look like a hexagon or octagon shape but the inside is just flat and white.
Everyone else is in the living room, I can hear the Saturday football results, my dad, grampy, uncle David and uncle Ken as well as my brother Simon are watching it. my mum is in the kitchen with us making sandwiches for everyone - cheese on white bread, cut into little squares for us kids. We always have them on spotty plates, they're turquoise with big white spots on them.
The tumble dryer is on in the utility room I can smell the warmth coming from it.If you stand in that room it smells funny, its a mixture of tumble dryer, wet clothes and shoes. I can also smell the plants that are in the porch which leads off this room.
The best smell of course is the cakes cooking in the oven.

After writing this I wondered how much was actual memory and how much was made up, I also wondered where on earth my sister was at this time ? I'm sure we didn't leave her at home ?
I know the room with the tumble dryer was not called the utility room and I am not sure that Ken would have been in the living room with the others but other than that I am pretty sure that this is all memory (my parents may well tell me otherwise). It has also bought other things to my mind that may well come in handy for future writing :)

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