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Monday, 24 October 2011

The Movie Game memory

An activity in the workbook to write a poem no longer than 16 lines about a specific memory. This is about my experience of being on The Movie Game when I was 10 :) 

Kids TV blaring sounds from the broom cupboard
a freshly hoovered and polished room
Mum I'm gonna be on the telly.

Brush up on my movie knowledge
Courage mountain, Look who's talking
Dad's going to drive us to Shepherds bush.

Three teams of two dressed in coloured sweatshirts
James Bond flinging sprouts
Catching carrots on a papier mache horse.

You're the one that I want with Phillip Schofield
stop filming when the light stops working
Ninety-five points, you're in the final.

Disaster strikes, the orange team's on fire
our buzzer is just not quick enough
back to school, heads hung in shame.

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