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Friday, 13 January 2012

January Blues

January is, as always the start of the new year and most people start the year off wishing for great things to happen. For those who had a crappy year previously the wish is simply that the new one is better than the last, for those lucky enough to have a great year previously their wish may be to improve on it or to just simply equal it.

January seems to bring with it a lot of new year blues, people break their new years resolutions and get angry at themselves; credit card bills come through following the christmas spending spree resulting in money worries; returning to work after several days/a week or two off (for the lucky ones).January seems to also bring with it some of the worst news imaginable, whether its any worse than any other month I don't know, but it seems that when things happen at the beginning of the year it appears to all happen at once.

January has brought with it bad news for several of my friends with the loss of loved ones both this year and last. I often wonder if the fact that you still have a further 11 months to get through makes it seem worse, not that losing someone at any time of the year is not awful.

We all start the year hoping for a healthy and happy one but in reality whether its us or someone close to us we are all likely to be faced with health issues at some point during the year. All we can hope for is that those issues that can be resolved are and for those that can't that they have a loving supportive family around them to make things as easy as possible.

My thoughts are with all those currently going through health problems or taking care of family that are, also with those who have recently lost a loved one and also those who have made it through the past year without their loved ones.

Life is tough and throws things at us that we never asked for but it is possible to get through it providing you have friends and family that care :)


  1. You know what, I wasn't looking forward to this year for exactly of what happened today, but I see it this way... We have a lot of crap chucked at us through our lives and it's our loved ones that see us through that crap. Every one of those family and friends outweighs each piece of crap 1000 to 1. We were lucky enough to have Daddy as long as we did and we'll always be able to share the love and respect he taught us about. Can't want for more in life than love and he gave us that always :) I hope your other friends going through difficult times come through the other side ok xx