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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year, New me ???

The New year brings with it new years resolutions. I visited Wikipedia for a list of most popular ones this year:

Be financially-savvy
Read at least one book per month
Eat properly
Get enough sleep
Keep a journal of awesome moments

I don't recall ever making a resolution myself, certainly not at new year anyway. But with regards to the most popular ones here is where I stand:

I sorted out my finances from June 2008 and am now in a much better financial position than before
I read quite often usually, although the last few books have been study related
I started with slimming world in Nov 2009 and apart from the odd day (or xmas week) I eat fairly healthily
I love my bed and my pyjama's, there are days I get too much sleep and days I don't feel I get enough
I often write in notebooks/diaries/my blog etc when anything interesting or life altering happens

So with that in mind I feel there is only one resolution I can make and that is to continue being me :)

Although there are things I am constantly changing about myself, including my weight loss and studying which will continue to result in more confidence, I can honestly say that I am happy with my life. Obviously I wouldn't deny myself more happiness by not changing things if other opportunities arose but for now I am content with my lot.

New year, New me ??? No thanks I'm happy as I am :) xxx

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