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Saturday, 28 January 2012

you'll regret it when you're old !!!

Yesterday I had my 6th tattoo done. My first 5 are all fairly small and were quite quick to do so when I booked my appointment for this one and was told it would be an hour and a half's worth of work I was a little nervous. I had my first tattoo done just after I turned 18 and the other 4 were all within a few years which means its been about 10 years since my last one. With the help of a couple of friends I got a design I liked and decided to have it on my foot and going up my leg. I imagined the top of my foot being an extremely painful place to have it and arrived for my appointment fairly nervous, no need it seems. The most painful part was on my leg near the top of the design and even that wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. so the final result -

I absolutely love it :)

There are people who like tattoos (but don't have any themselves) that like to admire others tattoos, there are people who don't like tattoos at all but don't hold it against you for having them and then there are those that repeat the line - you'll regret it when you're older, I've heard it many times and each time I reply with no I won't !! All of my tattoo's are easily hidden when and if neccesary and if I didn't do something now just in case I regret it when I'm old then there is alot that I wouldn't be doing.

Don't regret the things you have done but don't live to regret the things you didn't do when you had the chance, take a risk it might just be worth it :)

You'll regret it when you're old !!?? Not a chance :) 


  1. I agree, Shaz. I have a whole load of tattoos, although they were mainly hide-able until I reached 30. Now I wish I'd covered myself years ago. I've never been discriminated against because of them, as far as I'm aware, and they always spark conversations with people who I otherwise would never meet. And I can wear a simple outfit and still look decorated. Keep going, and keep us posted!

  2. Love the tattoo Shaz. I had my fifth done a couple of months ago. That took three hours and went over my ribs, it was by far the most painful. I struggled to move properly for a day afterwards but so worth it. I always tell people who tell me i'll regret it that every tattoo I have had done represents a time in my life. How could you possibly regret that? Even the one I had done at 17 and just picked from a selection on the wall means a lot, although it's not something I would chose now. :)

  3. I love it!! I'm planning a tattoo.