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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine be mine ............

I was surprised today to hear that Valentines day is 3rd in the 'sales boosting' events of the year for retail, after Christmas and Easter. Really ?? yes really !

I'm really undecided about Valentines day myself, I personally think there shouldn't be just one day of the year that you use to show how much you love your other half. However should anyone wish to send me chocolates and flowers etc etc then who am I to refuse ;) The last valentines card I received was from my friends little brother, he's not quite so little now and engaged to be married (perhaps shows how long ago it was).

I am however fed up of the emails and adverts reminding us how many days to go and what offers we can get, as if they're not bad enough we are surrounded by Valentine offers at work. Perhaps as a singleton I notice it more than those that are loved up, either way I'm not buying into it, at least not this year anyway.

If you're loved up I hope you have a lovely valentines day and if like me you're not then enjoy your singledom and buy yourself a curly wurly (that's my plan anyway).

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