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Sunday, 25 March 2012


I wrote this poem as a christening gift, with permission from Luke's parents I am now sharing this :) 


Ten precious fingers.
Ten precious toes.
A smile that melts any heart
and a cute button nose.
You're a gift that keeps on giving,
a love that will last forever.

You'll be kept safe and cherished,

by family and friends together.


Your parents are so happy

to have you as their son.

You've now become a family

as three merge into one.


Luke Alexandar Michael Bush

A beautiful little boy.

Memories began the day you were born,

Bringing your family such joy.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fast Forward >>>>>>>>>>>>

Having lost 4 stone in a year and then being almost stuck for the whole of the following year my slimming world consultant Jacky suggested trying the fast forward plan to get a boost.
The plan is a restricted version of the slimming world plan and is designed to be done for 7 days only in order to give your weight loss a boost. Last week I followed this plan 100% and lost 5 and 1/2 lb, which is a great loss so why am I a little disappointed ??
Well I know that if I follow the ordinary slimming world plan 100% I can lose that and more in one week (clearly I don't follow it 100% very often) so after the fast forward week I expected more from myself.
Having had some time to think about it, and listening to advice from others that I often give out myself I have settled on the fact that it is actually okay !! I know that my previous weeks weight gain wasn't as bad as what it should have been and providing I follow plan this week I should have a good loss again at Thursday's weigh in.
So my initial disappointment has turned to hope, if I lose more than 3lb this week I will be at my lowest weight and in a new stone bracket which is a massive achievement.
Fast Forward a few more lb's and my 5 stone award shouldn't be too far away :)

Thank you Slimming World

Monday, 5 March 2012

Successful failure

This is the 3rd of my TMA poems and the most personal as it is based on a true event that someone once told me about. I hope that I done the story justice :) x

Successful failure

No note left to say goodbye.
Pills swallowed; I awaited death
to release my broken heart.

I'd failed at family life
and now suicide it seemed.
Death evaded me that night.

My daughters are my whole world,
they need me in their life.
My heart can break no more.

No note left to say goodbye.
I was successful at failing,
that is all you need to know.

If dreams were chocolate I'd be really fat

If dreams were chocolate I ‘d be really fat

Dreams of riches and what we could buy.
A new house and car, we could learn to fly.

Get our own plane; head off to the sun,
take all of our friends for two weeks of fun.

When we return we’ll party all night,
no job to wake up for what a delight.

We could go where we want and spend what we like.
We’ll even buy Granny a brand new bike.

Back down to earth with a bump it would seem,
the past five minutes have been just a dream.

Six little numbers just didn’t come out.
We’ll dream again next week, same outcome no doubt.

TMA03 - poetry Spring forward,fall back

Here is the first of the 3 poems I submitted for my 3rd creative writing assignment. I'll just say I am happier with my poems than I am with my result but as some very lovely people have pointed out, it is just one persons opinion :) 

Spring forward, Fall back
Spring brings daffodils and little lambs,
summer brings heat and sweaty hands.
Autumn brings leaves on the ground not the tree,
winter brings snow filling kids with glee.

Often the seasons get muddled up.
Snow falling in spring, winter heating up.
Summer gets shorter and colder it seems,
autumn merges to winter with weather extremes.

The clock changes confuse, which way do we turn?
Twice a year all our lives, will we ever learn?
Our weather will always be a topic of chat,
too cold, too hot, too icy, too wet.

The seasons don’t know where they start or end,
the weatherman is constantly scratching his head.
We’ll still get sun, falling conkers and snow,
but when they’ll arrive we never know.