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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fast Forward >>>>>>>>>>>>

Having lost 4 stone in a year and then being almost stuck for the whole of the following year my slimming world consultant Jacky suggested trying the fast forward plan to get a boost.
The plan is a restricted version of the slimming world plan and is designed to be done for 7 days only in order to give your weight loss a boost. Last week I followed this plan 100% and lost 5 and 1/2 lb, which is a great loss so why am I a little disappointed ??
Well I know that if I follow the ordinary slimming world plan 100% I can lose that and more in one week (clearly I don't follow it 100% very often) so after the fast forward week I expected more from myself.
Having had some time to think about it, and listening to advice from others that I often give out myself I have settled on the fact that it is actually okay !! I know that my previous weeks weight gain wasn't as bad as what it should have been and providing I follow plan this week I should have a good loss again at Thursday's weigh in.
So my initial disappointment has turned to hope, if I lose more than 3lb this week I will be at my lowest weight and in a new stone bracket which is a massive achievement.
Fast Forward a few more lb's and my 5 stone award shouldn't be too far away :)

Thank you Slimming World

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