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Monday, 5 March 2012

TMA03 - poetry Spring forward,fall back

Here is the first of the 3 poems I submitted for my 3rd creative writing assignment. I'll just say I am happier with my poems than I am with my result but as some very lovely people have pointed out, it is just one persons opinion :) 

Spring forward, Fall back
Spring brings daffodils and little lambs,
summer brings heat and sweaty hands.
Autumn brings leaves on the ground not the tree,
winter brings snow filling kids with glee.

Often the seasons get muddled up.
Snow falling in spring, winter heating up.
Summer gets shorter and colder it seems,
autumn merges to winter with weather extremes.

The clock changes confuse, which way do we turn?
Twice a year all our lives, will we ever learn?
Our weather will always be a topic of chat,
too cold, too hot, too icy, too wet.

The seasons don’t know where they start or end,
the weatherman is constantly scratching his head.
We’ll still get sun, falling conkers and snow,
but when they’ll arrive we never know.

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