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Monday, 1 October 2012

100 Word stories

Following a recent challenge on the Ink Pantry* (behind the scenes page) I have decided to share my 100 word story on the theme of Autumn, while I'm at it I found one I wrote for a competition a few months ago so will share that too.

Autumn date

The leaves rustled under her feet as she made her way down the road. First date and he had picked the greatest pub she had ever been to; she hoped they would get the table near the log fire that was guaranteed to be lit. Though September was chilly she found October to descend quickly towards winter and her scarf and gloves had become part of her outfit tonight. As she opened the door to The Hare and Hounds she spotted him sat at the table next to the fire, nervously adjusting his clothes. She smiled and walked towards him.

The No. 73
She caught his bus daily, even though it went in the opposite direction to where she needed to go. It took three months of travel before he asked her out and three years of dating before they moved in together. It took another three years before he proposed and another year before they wed. Twins came along nine months after the wedding. Two months later he was gone: a pile-up involving his bus and a lorry, he didn’t stand a chance.
Every day she takes the number 73 bus, just for old times’ sake. She’ll never forget her favourite driver.

*Ink Pantry is made up of a group of A215 Oct 11 Open Uni students intent on making our mark in the literary world by publishing an anthology of some of our work. You can find out more by visiting our website http://inkpantry.com/ or liking our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/InkPantry?fref=ts and you can follow us on twitter @InkPantry

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