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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hopes for the year..........

At the end of last year I posted a blog about my hopes for this year (not resolutions as I don't make them). So now is as good a time as any to see how I did
Hopes for 2013
1. To get back on track with my weight loss
             Well......the less said about that, the better!

2. To meet up with some of my Open uni buddies around the country
              Accomplished brilliantly! This year I have met up with Elaine and Fiona while in Scotland, met Rae and Helena twice (with more plans for the coming year) and met Eimear outside of our tutorial when she popped in to see me at work.

3. To continue passing my courses
              Accomplished! passed both courses, one pass 2 and one pass 4 (slightly disappointed with the 4)

4. To finish the year with the same friends I start it with (I can add to them but don't wish to lose any)
             Technically I have less friends than I started with but only by means of facebook 'friends'. I had a mass clear out of my friends list in order to delete anyone that wouldn't bother speaking to me in the street if I passed them or that don't really speak to me online. Others have obviously done the same and I am now left with people who I would class as proper friends and would very much like to add some of them to my list of people to meet in real life! All of my real life friends are still very much in my life.

5. To make good things happen for myself and others
             See previous post about my good things jar! Clearly I have made them happen for myself and as many involved other people I can only hope that counts as making them happen for others too.

And so on to 2014

The things I know I am going to achieve this year.

1, I will be debt free before the end of the year
2, I will achieve my degree in the summer (providing I pass the exam)
3, I will have a party to celebrate no.2
4, I will be watching The Full Monty at the Theatre
5, I will be watching Miranda Hart live in Cardiff
6, I will be going to a wedding in Cornwall
7, I will be happy!

And hopes for the year.

1, To lose weight and get a nice dress for the wedding in March
2, To lose more weight in order to have nice graduation photos
3, To keep all my friends and hopefully make more
4, To write at least one of my ideas for a book and stop just thinking about it!
5, To see more theatre/comedy shows
6, To meet up with even more OU buddies

All in all 2013 has been okay! Sadly a funeral started the year and a further funeral took place towards the end of the year, while both these people are greatly missed it was a pleasure to have known them for so many years. Hopefully some wonderful memories have and will help their families through the tough times.

Thank you to everyone that made 2013 a good year and here's hoping 2014 is even better.

Happy new year to all my friends and followers :)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Good things 2013

So a few days early but I have opened this years good things jar! Admittedly I haven't put much in there, not because good things haven't happened but more so that I haven't got round to it.
In my jar this year
New years day I walked home up Quarry hill and survived! (this is a massively good thing the hill is bloody huge)
Scored 82% for my creative writing script (still my highest score throughout the OU, so far)
Had an invite to go and stay with Gill in the Isle Of Wight (never made it back this year but nevertheless the invite was lovely)
Spent a good few minutes laughing at the text from my boss about The Wanted being in the shop, not laughing at them being there just the reaction!
Laughing at my mates mum asking how I made scrambled egg, do you use eggs? (this is still making me chuckle)
Won a bracelet in a competition.

Spent a lovely day with my mum in Bristol, lunch at Bella Italia (complete with student discount, bonus!) followed by Oliver at the hippodrome which was fantastic.

A photo that was posted by Amy on facebook of 'Tim's new case' made me laugh loads! in fact I was still laughing days later and even more now I've just read it again!
Rent increase came through but realised I had already been paying more than I needed to anyway!
Olly Murs concert (no other words needed)

Watching 'Calendar Girls' at The Pound in Corsham with mum and her friend, excellent show.
As always, a brill holiday in Scotland! found my first golden post box and visited John o'Groats. While in Scotland I also managed to meet up with 2 Open Uni buddies in real life, hope to do the same again when I come back in 2015.

Text from the boss to say how good the store looked after my shift the night before, always good to feel appreciated!

Walked the furthest I have ever walked in one go, completing a 20mile charity walk for the Emerton foundation.
Spent my weekend off with friends, a charity quiz night one night and bowling on the other night, brilliant weekend.
Ran the race for life, technically we were walking it to start with but Leann seemed in a hurry so we ended up running quite a bit.

Harry Potter world visited for Amy's birthday present, absolutely fantastic day out.

Fitted a little bit of carpet in my hallway all by myself.
Had a great night out with the girls to celebrate my course results.

Went to Corby Glen to meet up with one of my Open Uni buddies Rae, involved a trip to London to meet another OU buddy Helena. Great weekend and made 2 life long friends.

Looked after my friends children overnight for the first time, had a lovely weekend with takeaway, cake baking, shopping and pumpkin carving. And they survived which is the most important point.

Jason Manford at Bristol, great show, great night (even though we missed the last train home)
Ed Byrne in Cheltenham, the start of a fab weekend with Rae and Helena involving wrong turns, miles of motorway, a few trips to the Co-op and a few cheeky drinks.
Got a car! woohoo back on the road again in time to avoid the hour long walk to work at 5.30 in the morning in hideous weather.

My sister and Dee (my now sis-in-law) celebrated their relationship with a civil partnership ceremony.
I received some lovely pressies for Christmas and more cards than normal, thank you to everyone (I don't send them so apologies)

So that's pretty much been the good side of my year, although I should add there were 2 other charity walks completed and probably many other good things that happened that I haven't mentioned. I will try much harder in 2014 to actually add things to the jar (only 13 of these were in the jar the rest were by memory)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Writing challenge day 2

© Cassie Tillet

He brings me here every day
while he sits with his lifelong mates.
They'll sit for hours in silence until one pipes up,
'Ole Bob passed away night before last'

The silence returns.

They'd listen if he told them what it is he wants to say.
Seems they don't need telling, they already know.
As dusk arrives his words of comfort do too.
'She'll be alright Fred, she fought it in the past'

The silence returns.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

September writing challenge

I have decided to take part in the September writing challenge created by Word Bohemia (http://wordbohemia.co.uk/) The challenge is to write a poem or a piece of flash fiction in response to the photo they post each day. While I am not promising to take part each day I do hope to give a few of them a go, so Day 1.

© David Vale
Ten years have passed but the sight of the big wheel still makes my tummy flip. After being stuck at the top for an hour and a half you would think I'd hate it. If it hadn't stopped that night though I may never have met him. If Leah hadn't been so scared. If he hadn't been so brave, if if if. I never wondered what if he fell nor what if it's Leah he came for; I just knew. If it hadn't been here I wouldn't now be having the most magical wedding day upon that wheel. Luckily for Leah the bridesmaids have their feet firmly on the floor.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Grumpy bus driver

Grumpy bus driver why so sad?
Is it the passengers making you mad?

They should be ready with their pass or their fare,
But they rummage around shouting ‘I know it’s in there.’

Complaining you’re late they take it slow,
Finding a seat before you can go.

They know everybody and stop for a chat,
But move while they’re standing? No you can’t do that.

Loudly they make complaints you can hear,
With their friend lending a sympathetic ear.

‘I know he’s late it’s always the same.’
‘We should send a complaint. Find out his name.’

Ignoring their comments you get on your way,
Singing songs in your head like you have been all day.

Two stops passed and the chatter remains,
The bus keeps on going around all the lanes.

At last the sound of the stop please bell,
You pull the bus over at the stop by the well.

‘Thank you driver, see you again soon.’
You wonder if this means we’re due a full moon.

‘Goodbye’ you say and force a smile,
Getting down the steps is taking a while.

They’re all off the bus, you’re still running late.
If you’re late back at depot they’ll lock up the gate.

No worries you think, you’ll make it in time.
With moments to spare you see the finishing line.

Your day is done and the bus is parked.
No complaints were made, your cards are not marked.

Grumpy bus driver why so sad?
After the perfect day you've just had?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Animals and Other Family... A review

When I go on holiday I go armed with a pile of books, this year was no different and I read my first book on the journey from Wiltshire to Scotland. On the way my dad had realised he had left his book at home (I know! of all the things you could forget! tsk). So being the lovely daughter I am I offered to lend him Clare Balding's Autobiography 'My Animals and Other Family'. This was a big deal to me considering I hadn't read it myself yet, but the other books I had were mostly chick lit and didn't think that would go down so well! So he read the book during our first week and managed to not give much away; well except the information on how you measure a horse and the fact that Clare's dad also 'harumphed' something we have always credited Dad for too.

Needless to say, he loved the book and since our return keeps asking me if I have read it yet. Due to study commitments I was only able to start it recently and finished it a few days ago.

Well, I absolutely loved it. It is beautifully written and refreshing in the way it is set out; there is no specific chronology to the story and every chapter is based on an animal that has played a huge part in Clare's life. As a reader you are given an insight into the racing/training world and the family that lives it. The book is funny, sad, honest, but most of all it is a beautiful book. I have read a fair few autobiographies and this has to be the best by far. I am usually quite a fast reader but I took my time with this one mostly because I didn't want it to end.

As Caitlin Moran's quote on the cover says 'You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want a horse' okay so I don't really want a horse but I do quite fancy getting a boxer dog now!
You don't have to be a sports fan or know anything about horses, you don't even have to know who Clare is, just read the book. You won't regret it!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Poor neglected blog!

I feel ashamed that my blog has been neglected since February!! It's June tomorrow for goodness sake. I have of course been busy in that time, I had a 2 week holiday to Scotland which was fantastic. I have also now come to the end of two more Open Uni courses. My end of module assignments have both been sent off for Advanced creative writing and Children's Literature, now the tense wait to August 2nd  to see the results. Having really enjoyed both courses I feel a little bit lost at the moment, though I am putting my spare time to good use. My friends have rediscovered me for a start! When studying as well as working full time I find it really hard to fit everything in and still make time to see them. I don't abandon them completely of course, I am truly grateful that they support my studying and are patient when it comes to making plans to meet up. Between now and October (when my final course starts) I am making the most of my spare time by trying to have something that resembles a social life. I am also reading books for pleasure as well as some advanced reading of the set books for my final course. I am most excited though about writing, I feel I learnt a lot on both of my creative writing courses and am eager to get writing the ideas I have in my head. I have sent a piece off to a competition and have plans to submit more to different places for the experience more than anything. Naturally I would love to get something published but I am not afraid of rejection (see a previous post), we all have to deal with it at some time. So for now I may share some of my writing on my blog again if it is something I won't be using again and maybe it will feel less neglected, until October that is.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Witch in the bathroom

At my tutorial today for A363 we were asked to write a sonnet, there are rules and admittedly I never really followed them. But sonnet or not it's poem :)

There's a witch's face on my bathroom floor,
I told my mum, she's not seen it before.
How did it get there? I haven't a clue,
But now I'm afraid to go to the loo.
She's been there a while, I've no doubt in that.
I saw her wart and her black pointy hat,
Her crooked nose and eyes that just stare.
The first time I saw her she gave me a scare.
I've gone back to using the toilet downstairs,
Mum thinks I'm crazy and dad doesn't care.
But what happens then, when I need a bath?
She's still in there, I hear her cackling laugh.
I'm gonna be brave, I'm going in
To pick up that witch and dump her in the bin.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In the spirit of the lovey dovey stuff!

In the spirit of the lovey dovey stuff and tacky gifts currently circulating the country I thought I would combine a well known valentines verse with the reason my trousers are feeling snug :)

*please note to get the full effect of the first verse one must read in a west country farmers accent*

Roses are red
And so is my Tra'er
Pancake day
has made me much fa'er

Violets are blue
And so is the sea
I love fatty foods
but they don't love me

Sugar is sweet
And so is CAKE!

Happy Valentines day :)

Thursday, 31 January 2013

The end is here!

That's it, it's over! January that is.
I don't know why but January seems to be a really depressing month every year. This one involved funeral's, friends losing loved ones and other friends remembering loved ones lost in January in previous years. And snow; okay it's not depressing but it is annoying when it causes travel problems and walking in it is a pain! (more so if you fall over)

However there have been some good things to come out of this month.
I've lost my first half stone after getting back on track with my healthy eating plan.
I won a beautiful bracelet in a competition.
Sea of ink is now available on kindle and I have received my paper copy (see previous posts for my involvement) you can find out more at http://inkpantry.com/
I got my highest ever mark on a creative writing piece for uni.

I also have so much to look forward to in February and March alone.
I have a week off work.
This Saturday (2nd) I'm watching my friend's son in Babes in the wood.
Thursday (7th) I'm off to watch Oliver at the Bristol Hippodrome.

In March I am off to Cardiff to see Olly Murs (very excited!)

In between these good things I also still have lot's of assignments to read for and subsequently write!

All in all I am happy to say goodbye to January and hello to February, may my good mood continue :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Aunty Penny

Today we said our final goodbyes to Aunty Penny, a much loved lady who will be very missed. I wanted to share with you a poem that was read at the service today, it was written by my sister.

Aunty Penny

I got the call this morning,
I can't believe it's true;
Nobody should leave like that, 
Especially not you.
You were the greatest Godmother
A girl could ever have;
In the 30 years I shared with you,
You never made me sad.
From sleeping through Jurassic Park
To silly laughing clowns - 
A 10p mix from up the shop,
By secrets we were bound.
These memories of me and you
will last my whole life through,
And when it's time to meet again
I'll tell you I've missed you.

By Samantha Rawlings