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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Witch in the bathroom

At my tutorial today for A363 we were asked to write a sonnet, there are rules and admittedly I never really followed them. But sonnet or not it's poem :)

There's a witch's face on my bathroom floor,
I told my mum, she's not seen it before.
How did it get there? I haven't a clue,
But now I'm afraid to go to the loo.
She's been there a while, I've no doubt in that.
I saw her wart and her black pointy hat,
Her crooked nose and eyes that just stare.
The first time I saw her she gave me a scare.
I've gone back to using the toilet downstairs,
Mum thinks I'm crazy and dad doesn't care.
But what happens then, when I need a bath?
She's still in there, I hear her cackling laugh.
I'm gonna be brave, I'm going in
To pick up that witch and dump her in the bin.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In the spirit of the lovey dovey stuff!

In the spirit of the lovey dovey stuff and tacky gifts currently circulating the country I thought I would combine a well known valentines verse with the reason my trousers are feeling snug :)

*please note to get the full effect of the first verse one must read in a west country farmers accent*

Roses are red
And so is my Tra'er
Pancake day
has made me much fa'er

Violets are blue
And so is the sea
I love fatty foods
but they don't love me

Sugar is sweet
And so is CAKE!

Happy Valentines day :)