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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Witch in the bathroom

At my tutorial today for A363 we were asked to write a sonnet, there are rules and admittedly I never really followed them. But sonnet or not it's poem :)

There's a witch's face on my bathroom floor,
I told my mum, she's not seen it before.
How did it get there? I haven't a clue,
But now I'm afraid to go to the loo.
She's been there a while, I've no doubt in that.
I saw her wart and her black pointy hat,
Her crooked nose and eyes that just stare.
The first time I saw her she gave me a scare.
I've gone back to using the toilet downstairs,
Mum thinks I'm crazy and dad doesn't care.
But what happens then, when I need a bath?
She's still in there, I hear her cackling laugh.
I'm gonna be brave, I'm going in
To pick up that witch and dump her in the bin.

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