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Friday, 31 May 2013

Poor neglected blog!

I feel ashamed that my blog has been neglected since February!! It's June tomorrow for goodness sake. I have of course been busy in that time, I had a 2 week holiday to Scotland which was fantastic. I have also now come to the end of two more Open Uni courses. My end of module assignments have both been sent off for Advanced creative writing and Children's Literature, now the tense wait to August 2nd  to see the results. Having really enjoyed both courses I feel a little bit lost at the moment, though I am putting my spare time to good use. My friends have rediscovered me for a start! When studying as well as working full time I find it really hard to fit everything in and still make time to see them. I don't abandon them completely of course, I am truly grateful that they support my studying and are patient when it comes to making plans to meet up. Between now and October (when my final course starts) I am making the most of my spare time by trying to have something that resembles a social life. I am also reading books for pleasure as well as some advanced reading of the set books for my final course. I am most excited though about writing, I feel I learnt a lot on both of my creative writing courses and am eager to get writing the ideas I have in my head. I have sent a piece off to a competition and have plans to submit more to different places for the experience more than anything. Naturally I would love to get something published but I am not afraid of rejection (see a previous post), we all have to deal with it at some time. So for now I may share some of my writing on my blog again if it is something I won't be using again and maybe it will feel less neglected, until October that is.

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