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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Grumpy bus driver

Grumpy bus driver why so sad?
Is it the passengers making you mad?

They should be ready with their pass or their fare,
But they rummage around shouting ‘I know it’s in there.’

Complaining you’re late they take it slow,
Finding a seat before you can go.

They know everybody and stop for a chat,
But move while they’re standing? No you can’t do that.

Loudly they make complaints you can hear,
With their friend lending a sympathetic ear.

‘I know he’s late it’s always the same.’
‘We should send a complaint. Find out his name.’

Ignoring their comments you get on your way,
Singing songs in your head like you have been all day.

Two stops passed and the chatter remains,
The bus keeps on going around all the lanes.

At last the sound of the stop please bell,
You pull the bus over at the stop by the well.

‘Thank you driver, see you again soon.’
You wonder if this means we’re due a full moon.

‘Goodbye’ you say and force a smile,
Getting down the steps is taking a while.

They’re all off the bus, you’re still running late.
If you’re late back at depot they’ll lock up the gate.

No worries you think, you’ll make it in time.
With moments to spare you see the finishing line.

Your day is done and the bus is parked.
No complaints were made, your cards are not marked.

Grumpy bus driver why so sad?
After the perfect day you've just had?

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