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Monday, 2 September 2013

Writing challenge day 2

© Cassie Tillet

He brings me here every day
while he sits with his lifelong mates.
They'll sit for hours in silence until one pipes up,
'Ole Bob passed away night before last'

The silence returns.

They'd listen if he told them what it is he wants to say.
Seems they don't need telling, they already know.
As dusk arrives his words of comfort do too.
'She'll be alright Fred, she fought it in the past'

The silence returns.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

September writing challenge

I have decided to take part in the September writing challenge created by Word Bohemia (http://wordbohemia.co.uk/) The challenge is to write a poem or a piece of flash fiction in response to the photo they post each day. While I am not promising to take part each day I do hope to give a few of them a go, so Day 1.

© David Vale
Ten years have passed but the sight of the big wheel still makes my tummy flip. After being stuck at the top for an hour and a half you would think I'd hate it. If it hadn't stopped that night though I may never have met him. If Leah hadn't been so scared. If he hadn't been so brave, if if if. I never wondered what if he fell nor what if it's Leah he came for; I just knew. If it hadn't been here I wouldn't now be having the most magical wedding day upon that wheel. Luckily for Leah the bridesmaids have their feet firmly on the floor.