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Sunday, 1 September 2013

September writing challenge

I have decided to take part in the September writing challenge created by Word Bohemia (http://wordbohemia.co.uk/) The challenge is to write a poem or a piece of flash fiction in response to the photo they post each day. While I am not promising to take part each day I do hope to give a few of them a go, so Day 1.

© David Vale
Ten years have passed but the sight of the big wheel still makes my tummy flip. After being stuck at the top for an hour and a half you would think I'd hate it. If it hadn't stopped that night though I may never have met him. If Leah hadn't been so scared. If he hadn't been so brave, if if if. I never wondered what if he fell nor what if it's Leah he came for; I just knew. If it hadn't been here I wouldn't now be having the most magical wedding day upon that wheel. Luckily for Leah the bridesmaids have their feet firmly on the floor.

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