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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hopes for the year..........

At the end of last year I posted a blog about my hopes for this year (not resolutions as I don't make them). So now is as good a time as any to see how I did
Hopes for 2013
1. To get back on track with my weight loss
             Well......the less said about that, the better!

2. To meet up with some of my Open uni buddies around the country
              Accomplished brilliantly! This year I have met up with Elaine and Fiona while in Scotland, met Rae and Helena twice (with more plans for the coming year) and met Eimear outside of our tutorial when she popped in to see me at work.

3. To continue passing my courses
              Accomplished! passed both courses, one pass 2 and one pass 4 (slightly disappointed with the 4)

4. To finish the year with the same friends I start it with (I can add to them but don't wish to lose any)
             Technically I have less friends than I started with but only by means of facebook 'friends'. I had a mass clear out of my friends list in order to delete anyone that wouldn't bother speaking to me in the street if I passed them or that don't really speak to me online. Others have obviously done the same and I am now left with people who I would class as proper friends and would very much like to add some of them to my list of people to meet in real life! All of my real life friends are still very much in my life.

5. To make good things happen for myself and others
             See previous post about my good things jar! Clearly I have made them happen for myself and as many involved other people I can only hope that counts as making them happen for others too.

And so on to 2014

The things I know I am going to achieve this year.

1, I will be debt free before the end of the year
2, I will achieve my degree in the summer (providing I pass the exam)
3, I will have a party to celebrate no.2
4, I will be watching The Full Monty at the Theatre
5, I will be watching Miranda Hart live in Cardiff
6, I will be going to a wedding in Cornwall
7, I will be happy!

And hopes for the year.

1, To lose weight and get a nice dress for the wedding in March
2, To lose more weight in order to have nice graduation photos
3, To keep all my friends and hopefully make more
4, To write at least one of my ideas for a book and stop just thinking about it!
5, To see more theatre/comedy shows
6, To meet up with even more OU buddies

All in all 2013 has been okay! Sadly a funeral started the year and a further funeral took place towards the end of the year, while both these people are greatly missed it was a pleasure to have known them for so many years. Hopefully some wonderful memories have and will help their families through the tough times.

Thank you to everyone that made 2013 a good year and here's hoping 2014 is even better.

Happy new year to all my friends and followers :)

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