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Friday, 27 December 2013

Good things 2013

So a few days early but I have opened this years good things jar! Admittedly I haven't put much in there, not because good things haven't happened but more so that I haven't got round to it.
In my jar this year
New years day I walked home up Quarry hill and survived! (this is a massively good thing the hill is bloody huge)
Scored 82% for my creative writing script (still my highest score throughout the OU, so far)
Had an invite to go and stay with Gill in the Isle Of Wight (never made it back this year but nevertheless the invite was lovely)
Spent a good few minutes laughing at the text from my boss about The Wanted being in the shop, not laughing at them being there just the reaction!
Laughing at my mates mum asking how I made scrambled egg, do you use eggs? (this is still making me chuckle)
Won a bracelet in a competition.

Spent a lovely day with my mum in Bristol, lunch at Bella Italia (complete with student discount, bonus!) followed by Oliver at the hippodrome which was fantastic.

A photo that was posted by Amy on facebook of 'Tim's new case' made me laugh loads! in fact I was still laughing days later and even more now I've just read it again!
Rent increase came through but realised I had already been paying more than I needed to anyway!
Olly Murs concert (no other words needed)

Watching 'Calendar Girls' at The Pound in Corsham with mum and her friend, excellent show.
As always, a brill holiday in Scotland! found my first golden post box and visited John o'Groats. While in Scotland I also managed to meet up with 2 Open Uni buddies in real life, hope to do the same again when I come back in 2015.

Text from the boss to say how good the store looked after my shift the night before, always good to feel appreciated!

Walked the furthest I have ever walked in one go, completing a 20mile charity walk for the Emerton foundation.
Spent my weekend off with friends, a charity quiz night one night and bowling on the other night, brilliant weekend.
Ran the race for life, technically we were walking it to start with but Leann seemed in a hurry so we ended up running quite a bit.

Harry Potter world visited for Amy's birthday present, absolutely fantastic day out.

Fitted a little bit of carpet in my hallway all by myself.
Had a great night out with the girls to celebrate my course results.

Went to Corby Glen to meet up with one of my Open Uni buddies Rae, involved a trip to London to meet another OU buddy Helena. Great weekend and made 2 life long friends.

Looked after my friends children overnight for the first time, had a lovely weekend with takeaway, cake baking, shopping and pumpkin carving. And they survived which is the most important point.

Jason Manford at Bristol, great show, great night (even though we missed the last train home)
Ed Byrne in Cheltenham, the start of a fab weekend with Rae and Helena involving wrong turns, miles of motorway, a few trips to the Co-op and a few cheeky drinks.
Got a car! woohoo back on the road again in time to avoid the hour long walk to work at 5.30 in the morning in hideous weather.

My sister and Dee (my now sis-in-law) celebrated their relationship with a civil partnership ceremony.
I received some lovely pressies for Christmas and more cards than normal, thank you to everyone (I don't send them so apologies)

So that's pretty much been the good side of my year, although I should add there were 2 other charity walks completed and probably many other good things that happened that I haven't mentioned. I will try much harder in 2014 to actually add things to the jar (only 13 of these were in the jar the rest were by memory)

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