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Friday, 11 April 2014

The end is nigh..........

It's April and this is my first post for 2014, what a slacker!

So far 2014 is going fabulously well and there is still more to come.

I am now just one 4000 word essay and 1 exam away from completing my degree and I can't wait.
While I have enjoyed studying and have learned a lot it has taken up a great deal of my spare time and I'm looking forward to lot's of things, including;
Reading for pleasure- my choice of book, the pile of which is getting bigger and bigger
Writing- having taken 2 creative writing courses as part of my degree I am looking forward to expanding this and getting pieces ready for publication
Socialising- I've never had a huge social life but the need to be at home writing an essay while your friends are out having fun really makes you want one
Job hunting- okay so not actually looking forward to the hunting but I am looking forward to having a change of direction in my life

So the end is in sight in fact it's only 8 weeks away- this makes me happy :)

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  1. This is brilliant Shaz! Can't wait to see how your life unfolds afterwards! xx Helena