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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas on Cambridge

A few people have asked me recently if I'm going to follow the plan over Christmas or treat myself, the simple answer is both! You see by sticking to the plan over Christmas I am treating myself, to a new me. If I was to pig out like I usually do at Christmas it would take me much longer to get to target, is it worth it?
The last few Christmas days I've gone the non traditional route and had Curry for my dinner with lot's of added extras or pizza and garlic bread, a huge cooked breakfast, bread and pate, as well as the traditional mince pies, xmas pudding, sweets, chocolate .....I could go on!
As one person said to me 'you have to treat yourself it's Christmas.'
Do I? I mean after all, the reason I have got to the size I am is by using excuses like this, It's Christmas, oh one won't hurt, it's my birthday, it's someone else's birthday, it would be rude to refuse. Well it's not rude to refuse (it's actually rude not to respect the fact someone wants to follow their diet), You can celebrate birthdays without being greedy and no, one won't hurt but is that really where it stops!
I understand I am at an advantage that I live by myself and therefore nobody is sat next to me eating Christmas treats that will tempt me BUT as long as I'm in the right frame of mind I can resist.
So my Christmas dinner this year will be a Cambridge Risotto with mushrooms and chicken breast, this will follow a breakfast of Cambridge porridge and for the evening I will choose between rice pudding and hot chocolate (haven't decided which yet). My day will be spent watching DVD's drinking tea and hoping the alarm doesn't go off at work, because I will turn up in my pyjama's if I have to!
I'll be back on Monday to let you know how close I am to my 3 stone loss (currently at 2 stone 7 1/2lb loss) and to show it was worth having Christmas on Cambridge.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas whatever you may be doing.

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  1. well done girl and happy Christmas x x x Suzanne