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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hopes for 2015

For the last couple of years of I have posted my hopes for the following year as I don't make resolutions so here's this years post.

My hopes for 2014 were;
1, To lose weight and get a nice dress for the wedding in March
2, To lose more weight in order to have nice graduation photos
3, To keep all my friends and hopefully make more
4, To write at least one of my ideas for a book and stop just thinking about it!
5, To see more theatre/comedy shows
6, To meet up with even more OU buddies

Turns out I was quite unsuccessful with the majority of these hopes, however focusing on the positives I did see more shows at the theatre this year! And I have started writing a book. Plus I had a great year as I was debt free, graduated with a 2:1 honours degree and had a fab time at the wedding despite not losing weight.

Moving on then to my hopes for 2015;
1.To complete my book
2.To enjoy my holiday
3.To get a new job (believe me I have been trying)
4.To continue on my weight loss journey and get to target by my birthday in July
5.To read more
6.To socialise more
7.To update my blog more

Thanks for being a part of my fabulous 2014 and Happy new year to all my friends and followers.
I hope 2015 is great for everyone.

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