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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Post Christmas weigh in..........

So I said I'd be back to let you know my weigh in results following Christmas on Cambridge.
And here I am, a little disappointed if I'm honest! Having followed the plan 100% with absolutely no cheating whatsoever I have maintained my weight this week. With the great results I have had on the plan so far I am obviously annoyed at this result but I'm not going to let it affect me.
Most years I would gain at least half a stone over Christmas so this is probably the first year I haven't gained any weight which in itself is great. I find it a lot harder to deal with though when I know I've not done anything wrong, if I had eaten anything off plan at least I could justify it. As I got grumpier throughout the day I decided to text my very patient consultant and have a moan about it. His reply has put things in to perspective. As pointed out by Andy it is a week completed and closer to my holiday, it's also a challenge as to how to deal with it. In the past I would have a blow out in order to justify it but that's obviously not going to help matters and surprisingly that's not what I want to do.
Therefore I will get over my grump about it and continue on track as I have for the past 8 weeks. Here's hoping for a good loss to start the new year off.

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