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Monday, 26 January 2015

Holiday countdown!

It's 12 weeks this weekend until I go away which means I have 12 more weigh-ins to get to my 6 stone target (not my final target). Having lost 5lb this week my loss now stands at 3 stone 12lb, fingers crossed this means I can have my boots next week (4 stone treat) but it also means I have 30lb to lose in 12 weeks. I'm ahead of schedule now to do this and it now means I need to lose 2.5lb a week to get there, judging by my losses so far I don't envisage a problem with this. I need to start walking as well to get in some practice for The Race for life after my holiday at which I'll hopefully be at my 7 stone loss; I'll be whizzing round the course at this rate (still not running though).
Here's hoping I'll be back next week to show you a picture of my new boots.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Pounds, inches and denial!

Last week when I got to my 3 stone loss my consultant sent me a comparison photo of before and after. While I can see a big difference in my size I also found it slightly amusing that I am wearing the same trousers in both photos.
When I started the plan my most recent clothes purchase was a size 26 so I can only assume that the reason I wore size 20 trousers to weigh in was from denial at actually being that size. I remember buying the size 26 (my graduation outfit) and telling my mum at the time that there was no way I was that size, couldn't possibly be! Well obviously I was or I would have fitted in to a smaller dress!
At the weekend I had a sort through my wardrobe and only put back in the clothes that fit me now, and a few smaller ones that will fit soon (positive thinking is good for you). I was a bit gutted that my favourite trousers no longer fit but found a pair of brand new trousers that I forgot I had bought that now fit. I will however be overjoyed when my 'weigh in' trousers are too big to wear.
So this weeks weigh in brought in a loss of 4 1/2 lb bringing my total to 3 stone 7 lb. I was also measured today and in total I've lost 16 1/2 inches, 6 of which have come off my hips AMAZING!
I would definitely recommend measuring yourself regularly particularly if you have no loss one week as it makes you feel better that you are still changing shape.
I'm no longer in denial about my clothes size, there are in fact a mix of sizes in my wardrobe now that all fit me but I'm happy to say that a 26 is not one of them.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Happy days....Cambridge weigh in

After last weeks weigh in I was 2lb away from my 3 stone target, so my fingers were firmly crossed as I stood on the scales this morning. Result, 5lb off giving me a total loss of 3 stone 3lb in just 10 weeks; to say I'm happy would be an understatement. I am now not only in a different stone zone but my BMI has reduced a lot too. I know I still have more to do but the results so far are really helping me see that I can get there.
I'm seeing the difference now myself too, the photo's my consultant has taken (no I'm not sharing yet) really show a change in shape, and obviously size, very much looking forward to the 5 stone photo as that will be the most weight I have ever lost.
I also got my 3 stone treat today, a Buttonsy necklace which I bought in their sale before reaching target and has been hidden at my parents house.
I'm now looking forward to my 4 stone target treat which is a pair of trainers. I have also set myself a target of getting to 6 stone loss by the time I go on holiday in April (14 more weigh ins). Totally do-able judging by my current rate of loss, so fingers crossed that a much slimmer me will be winging my way to Scotland.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Persistence pays off

Have you ever started something that became a bit too difficult so you gave up? I'm sure if I was asked to write a list of things I've decided were too hard to continue I would need a big piece of paper.
Tonight though I persisted and it paid off! Of course I'm only talking about an ear piercing here but bear with me.
Years ago I had the top of my ear pierced twice, for work I'm not supposed to wear them (shhhh) and so for some reason I took one out and left the other in. For a good couple of years now I've been trying to get an earring back in to the second piercing but it always stopped halfway. Every now and again I'd give it another go, it would make my arms ache and my ear hurt so each time I would give up when it wouldn't go through. Tonight I changed my other earrings to new ones and decided to try again with that piercing, this time I was determined to get an earring in there. I kept going despite it hurting; my arms ache and my ear is now quite hot, but I did it. I now have an earring back in the piercing, and a cold compress on it to cool it down.
I know what some people may be thinking, big deal you got an earring in so what? This isn't about the earring though.
It's about not giving up.
It's about perservering when things get tough.
It's about running through the pain.
It's about focusing on the end result.
It's not just about an earring it's about whatever you want it to be about.

Persevere and you will get there!