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Monday, 12 January 2015

Happy days....Cambridge weigh in

After last weeks weigh in I was 2lb away from my 3 stone target, so my fingers were firmly crossed as I stood on the scales this morning. Result, 5lb off giving me a total loss of 3 stone 3lb in just 10 weeks; to say I'm happy would be an understatement. I am now not only in a different stone zone but my BMI has reduced a lot too. I know I still have more to do but the results so far are really helping me see that I can get there.
I'm seeing the difference now myself too, the photo's my consultant has taken (no I'm not sharing yet) really show a change in shape, and obviously size, very much looking forward to the 5 stone photo as that will be the most weight I have ever lost.
I also got my 3 stone treat today, a Buttonsy necklace which I bought in their sale before reaching target and has been hidden at my parents house.
I'm now looking forward to my 4 stone target treat which is a pair of trainers. I have also set myself a target of getting to 6 stone loss by the time I go on holiday in April (14 more weigh ins). Totally do-able judging by my current rate of loss, so fingers crossed that a much slimmer me will be winging my way to Scotland.

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