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Monday, 26 January 2015

Holiday countdown!

It's 12 weeks this weekend until I go away which means I have 12 more weigh-ins to get to my 6 stone target (not my final target). Having lost 5lb this week my loss now stands at 3 stone 12lb, fingers crossed this means I can have my boots next week (4 stone treat) but it also means I have 30lb to lose in 12 weeks. I'm ahead of schedule now to do this and it now means I need to lose 2.5lb a week to get there, judging by my losses so far I don't envisage a problem with this. I need to start walking as well to get in some practice for The Race for life after my holiday at which I'll hopefully be at my 7 stone loss; I'll be whizzing round the course at this rate (still not running though).
Here's hoping I'll be back next week to show you a picture of my new boots.

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