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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Injecting a little colour

Almost all of my wardrobe is, and has always been, dark colours black and navy blue mostly. When people say black is a slimming colour I'm sure they actually mean if you have a little pot belly because when you're much larger I don't think it actually makes much difference what colour you wear.
Except for the fact that bright colours obviously make you stand out in a crowd! As someone who tends to walk with my eyes to the ground and would rather shrink in to the background bright colours just don't appeal.
I've been known to wear a pink T-shirt once a year for race for life and anything more colourful than black is usually covered up with a black cardigan.
However, the more weight I lose the more adventurous I seem to be becoming. Today I bought a replacement Uni Hoody in Red! I've also purchased a pair of purple trousers which will need maybe another stone off before wearing in public but still, they've made it in to my wardrobe. In case anyone is worried about my fashion sense I won't be wearing these items together.
Before I go on holiday I'm going to need a new swimming costume. Again these have always been black except for when I was little I had a lovely red one with fish on it. I'm leaning towards turquoise this time or maybe even multicoloured.

Monday, 23 February 2015

It's the little things

When you're trying to achieve something it's normal to focus on the bigger picture; sometimes though it's the little things that can help keep you going.
When applying for jobs for instance your focus is on getting that job and it's disappointing when you don't. If you think of it in smaller chunks though; each application gives you an opportunity to improve on the last, each interview is experience which will help with the next one and when you do get offered the position you're likely to appreciate it more following the effort you've put in.
Similar could be said for weight loss, sometimes you don't even notice things you couldn't do before (or not as easily) until you get to a point when you find it normal.
Recently I was pleased to be able to properly wrap myself in a towel after a shower. For anyone who has always been able to do so it may seem trivial but when you've had to hold together the ends of a towel to get from the one room to another without flashing it's actually a pretty good feeling. I've also noticed it's easy to sit with my legs crossed now. I never really noticed before that it was difficult, perhaps I just avoided doing it but I can definitely tell the difference now.
While the bigger picture is focusing on your target weight, taking note of the little things will help keep you motivated. Following weigh in today I have now lost a total of 4 stone 11lb and am hoping for my 5 stone next week. There are now 8 weeks left until my holiday and a total of 17lb to lose to get to my 6 stone before I go, that's just over 2lb a week so any loss over that will get me there and that's what I'm focusing on.

Focus on the little things and the bigger things will come in time. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Mixed feelings

Weight loss is a journey in itself and like any journey it has its twists and turns. I've been on The Cambridge plan now for over 100 days and have stuck to it 100% which for me on a diet is the first time ever!
I'm loving the diet and the weight loss it is bringing, over the last few days though I've been feeling a little overwhelmed.
Everything up to now I've done before; sorting out the clothes that fit/don't fit, enjoying the feeling of having lost over 4 stone, having compliments from people about my weight loss, walking further before being tired, having more energy......I could go on.
Now though I am at a point that I've never been at before; clothes that have been in my wardrobe for years and have NEVER been too big for me are getting baggy, I'm looking at clothes in much smaller sizes than I have worn since I was at school and I'm thinking ahead to a much slimmer me.
And you know what? It's scary!
It may sound really silly to some people but I'm sure others will understand. While the thought of being slimmer and healthier makes me happy it also scares me. It is a big change, after all I am planning on losing almost half my body weight.
I'm not giving up, far from it. I know that I will still be the same person, just a slimmer version with different ideas on how to deal with what life throws at me (food is not the answer).
I am positive that I can get to target without going off track but I am also realistic that my feelings along the way may at times look similar to this.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Does my bum look big in this?

In January I wrote a post about measuring yourself when on a diet! I certainly still stick by that, some of the results can be really amazing.
I lost 2&1/2lb this week which brings my total loss to 4 stone 6lb, this by itself is fantastic but tonight I was measured again and the results are great.
I've lost a total of 21 inches since starting the plan, across the 5 different measurements everything has got smaller but my hips have dropped the most - 7 inches. You know what this means? My bum is getting smaller! Obviously everything else is too but for this week I am most overjoyed about the hip measurement.
I now have 9 more weeks until my holiday and 22lb to lose to get to my 6 stone before I go. Having tried out some new recipes this week I think I'm going to smash that target.
Oh and if you're wondering, the cauliflower bread turned out great.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Expanding the taste buds

Since I started the Cambridge diet I've pretty much stuck to the same meals, I'm on step 2 so I have a choice of protein along with 80g of vegetables or salad from a list. I've had quite a lot of salads with either tuna, chicken or prawns and many mushroom omelettes. I'm not bored, far from it!
The other day though I joined the facebook group for recipe ideas and discovered there are many things you can do with a cauliflower. Initially I wasn't that excited as I really dislike cauliflower but thought I'd give cauliflower rice a try.
So, armed with the ingredients I decided I would make a chicken curry to go with it, I'm a bit of a guesser when it comes to cooking and tend to just throw spices and herbs in until it looks right. My curry was rather hot but very tasty and as for the rice? Well who would have thought that grated cauliflower mixed with some paprika and dry fried would be so tasty?
Clearly it's not a substitute for rice and doesn't taste like rice but it was an exceptionally tasty meal and one that I will definitely be repeating.
Next on the list will be cauliflower bread, let's hope that's just as successful.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Feed a cold?

Years ago I heard the phrase 'starve a fever, feed a cold' I used to take this literally. Not that I ever really needed an excuse to overeat but if I was feeling a bit 'flu-like' I'd eat rubbish in the hope the extra calories would make me better quicker. When people say they lose their appetite when they feel under the weather I always think they're lying, I genuinely don't think I've ever lost my appetite; my ability or desire to stand and cook something may vanish when ill but never my appetite.
I woke up Saturday with a cold and have felt really crappy since then, however I have not strayed off plan at all. Despite not being able to sleep properly I've spent the weekend either at work or in bed, I've still managed to get in all my products and my meal each day and am determined it won't set me back.
I weighed in today and am now at my lowest ever weight (apart from obviously on the way up!). My total loss now stands at 4 stone 3&1/2lb and with just 10 more weigh-ins until my holiday I'm still on track to get to my 6 stone target before I go.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Go on, treat yourself

I've always believed that to succeed on a weight loss journey you have to treat yourself now and again. I'm not talking food treats, although this would have been the case in the past (calories don't count after weigh in right?), I'm talking about anything other than food really. Not long after I started Cambridge weight plan I made myself a treat list so for every stone I lose I get something I want, so far I've made the list up to 7 stone, partly because I didn't want to be too ambitious and partly because I ran out of ideas.
This week I got to my 4 stone loss so I thought I would share some photo's with you.
Stone 1 treat = goodies from Lush,

Stone 2 = New bag (which just happened to come with a matching purse)  
Stone 3 = Necklace from Buttonsy jewellery
And stone 4 = New boots
My next treat for getting to 5 stone will be a massage and/or a facial (not quite decided yet) when I get there this will be the most weight I've ever lost so it's a pretty big deal for me. After that I have trainers and a new tattoo on my list, just need to get my thinking cap on for the rest of them now. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Not even just a little bit?

Someone offered me a sweet the other day, this is not a rare offer and a while ago there was no way you'd catch me saying no thanks! Now though when I say 'No thanks I'm on a diet' I tend to get 2 different responses, the first being 'Oh sorry' not that there's any need to be. The second usually, 'what not even one/a little bit?' Erm no that's kind of the point of telling you I'm on a diet.
I know many people will think that one sweet or a tiny piece of cake or one biscuit won't harm your diet, maybe for some people it won't. I say no thanks though, not because I think that one thing will put on a pound or 2, but because one is never enough. If I have something off plan, or a treat day and still lose weight it makes it more tempting to have more next time and that's where it all goes pear shaped.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with people offering, after all they're just being polite; for me though I have to say no thanks.
With my 13th weigh-in due tomorrow I am proud to say that for all those weeks I have been 100% on plan.