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Monday, 16 February 2015

Does my bum look big in this?

In January I wrote a post about measuring yourself when on a diet! I certainly still stick by that, some of the results can be really amazing.
I lost 2&1/2lb this week which brings my total loss to 4 stone 6lb, this by itself is fantastic but tonight I was measured again and the results are great.
I've lost a total of 21 inches since starting the plan, across the 5 different measurements everything has got smaller but my hips have dropped the most - 7 inches. You know what this means? My bum is getting smaller! Obviously everything else is too but for this week I am most overjoyed about the hip measurement.
I now have 9 more weeks until my holiday and 22lb to lose to get to my 6 stone before I go. Having tried out some new recipes this week I think I'm going to smash that target.
Oh and if you're wondering, the cauliflower bread turned out great.

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