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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Expanding the taste buds

Since I started the Cambridge diet I've pretty much stuck to the same meals, I'm on step 2 so I have a choice of protein along with 80g of vegetables or salad from a list. I've had quite a lot of salads with either tuna, chicken or prawns and many mushroom omelettes. I'm not bored, far from it!
The other day though I joined the facebook group for recipe ideas and discovered there are many things you can do with a cauliflower. Initially I wasn't that excited as I really dislike cauliflower but thought I'd give cauliflower rice a try.
So, armed with the ingredients I decided I would make a chicken curry to go with it, I'm a bit of a guesser when it comes to cooking and tend to just throw spices and herbs in until it looks right. My curry was rather hot but very tasty and as for the rice? Well who would have thought that grated cauliflower mixed with some paprika and dry fried would be so tasty?
Clearly it's not a substitute for rice and doesn't taste like rice but it was an exceptionally tasty meal and one that I will definitely be repeating.
Next on the list will be cauliflower bread, let's hope that's just as successful.

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