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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Injecting a little colour

Almost all of my wardrobe is, and has always been, dark colours black and navy blue mostly. When people say black is a slimming colour I'm sure they actually mean if you have a little pot belly because when you're much larger I don't think it actually makes much difference what colour you wear.
Except for the fact that bright colours obviously make you stand out in a crowd! As someone who tends to walk with my eyes to the ground and would rather shrink in to the background bright colours just don't appeal.
I've been known to wear a pink T-shirt once a year for race for life and anything more colourful than black is usually covered up with a black cardigan.
However, the more weight I lose the more adventurous I seem to be becoming. Today I bought a replacement Uni Hoody in Red! I've also purchased a pair of purple trousers which will need maybe another stone off before wearing in public but still, they've made it in to my wardrobe. In case anyone is worried about my fashion sense I won't be wearing these items together.
Before I go on holiday I'm going to need a new swimming costume. Again these have always been black except for when I was little I had a lovely red one with fish on it. I'm leaning towards turquoise this time or maybe even multicoloured.

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