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Monday, 23 February 2015

It's the little things

When you're trying to achieve something it's normal to focus on the bigger picture; sometimes though it's the little things that can help keep you going.
When applying for jobs for instance your focus is on getting that job and it's disappointing when you don't. If you think of it in smaller chunks though; each application gives you an opportunity to improve on the last, each interview is experience which will help with the next one and when you do get offered the position you're likely to appreciate it more following the effort you've put in.
Similar could be said for weight loss, sometimes you don't even notice things you couldn't do before (or not as easily) until you get to a point when you find it normal.
Recently I was pleased to be able to properly wrap myself in a towel after a shower. For anyone who has always been able to do so it may seem trivial but when you've had to hold together the ends of a towel to get from the one room to another without flashing it's actually a pretty good feeling. I've also noticed it's easy to sit with my legs crossed now. I never really noticed before that it was difficult, perhaps I just avoided doing it but I can definitely tell the difference now.
While the bigger picture is focusing on your target weight, taking note of the little things will help keep you motivated. Following weigh in today I have now lost a total of 4 stone 11lb and am hoping for my 5 stone next week. There are now 8 weeks left until my holiday and a total of 17lb to lose to get to my 6 stone before I go, that's just over 2lb a week so any loss over that will get me there and that's what I'm focusing on.

Focus on the little things and the bigger things will come in time. 

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