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Friday, 20 February 2015

Mixed feelings

Weight loss is a journey in itself and like any journey it has its twists and turns. I've been on The Cambridge plan now for over 100 days and have stuck to it 100% which for me on a diet is the first time ever!
I'm loving the diet and the weight loss it is bringing, over the last few days though I've been feeling a little overwhelmed.
Everything up to now I've done before; sorting out the clothes that fit/don't fit, enjoying the feeling of having lost over 4 stone, having compliments from people about my weight loss, walking further before being tired, having more energy......I could go on.
Now though I am at a point that I've never been at before; clothes that have been in my wardrobe for years and have NEVER been too big for me are getting baggy, I'm looking at clothes in much smaller sizes than I have worn since I was at school and I'm thinking ahead to a much slimmer me.
And you know what? It's scary!
It may sound really silly to some people but I'm sure others will understand. While the thought of being slimmer and healthier makes me happy it also scares me. It is a big change, after all I am planning on losing almost half my body weight.
I'm not giving up, far from it. I know that I will still be the same person, just a slimmer version with different ideas on how to deal with what life throws at me (food is not the answer).
I am positive that I can get to target without going off track but I am also realistic that my feelings along the way may at times look similar to this.

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