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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Gaining from losing

When you're dieting you generally focus on what you're losing, the pounds, the inches, the will to live (joking), what about what you're gaining from it though?
Confidence is what you're gaining and self-belief along with a more positive outlook on things.
I've always swayed more to the negative side of things even when it's something positive I'm usually full of what-if's. Thankfully I'm getting away from that now. As of this week my weight loss stands at 5 stone 10 1/2lb which happens to be how much my goddaughter weighs so clearly this means a photo opportunity.

There is a year between these two photo's. While I still think the first photo is awful I am now more focused on the positive side, that's not who I am now or particularly it's not what I look like.
I've noticed the change in confidence myself as have others, while I've always been a fairly loud person (around people I know) I've never been overly confident in my abilities whether it be study related, work or even meeting new people. This week though I have been confident enough to do several things that I never would have done a few months ago and it feels great.
When I posted this photo on facebook today I got quite a few likes and comments, all of which adds to the confidence boost; knowing that your friends and in some cases people you've never even met, are proud of you and pleased for you keeps that confidence growing. 

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