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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

All numbers!

12 weeks ago I wrote a blog post counting down to my holiday, at the time I had 12 weeks to lose 30lb in order to reach my holiday target of 6 stone loss.
Well I'm over the moon to be going on holiday on Saturday carrying 6 stone 10lb less than I was in November last year. I'm also very excited that I have size 16 jeans packed in my case and I'm pretty sure all the walking we have planned while away will be much easier this time around.
I'm hoping that when I come back I will be closer to my 8 stone loss which will make the race for life 10K even easier too (still not running though), and will be looking in to booking a sky dive for charity later in the year.

If anyone would like to sponsor myself and my mum for Race for life you can do so here.

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