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Monday, 27 April 2015

Feeling adventurous

Confidence in yourself brings new opportunities. My new found confidence has resulted in me trying new and different things recently which helps to boost that confidence even more.
I'm currently on holiday and have already been adventurous this week, I mentioned last week that I plan on doing a skydive later in the year; the advantage to not wanting to jump on a skydive is the instructor that you're strapped to will give you little choice.
On sunday I jumped from a 50ft platform, described as a simulated parachute jump. I'm not afraid of heights but standing on that platform attached to just a wire was a little bit scary, it took me a couple of minutes and a few deep breaths before I was brave enough to step off. Having closed my eyes almost straight away the landing took me by surprise, although my feet hit the ground first I did end up on my backside.
I'm really glad I went through with it and it felt great to know I'd done it while watching others hesitating at the top.
Hoping there are more adventures in my future.

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