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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Unfortunate timing?

Since my Cambridge journey began I have lost weight every week except for 2 weeks. Considering I have been following the plan now for 22 weeks I'm sure most would agree that's quite an accomplishment especially with my track record for diets!
Anyway the first time I maintained was following Christmas week which was frustrating due to the fact I didn't stray off plan at all, no Christmas goodies passed my lips, not even a sliver of cake. And in true unfortunate timing style I have maintained following Easter weekend.
While I don't want this to sound like I'm trying to convince anyone, I absolutely did not eat any Easter eggs, or anything else that isn't on plan.
Obviously a maintain is better than a gain but it is still frustrating when you know you've done everything right, previously I would see this as an excuse to buy an Easter egg (or 2 as they're now reduced) and eat it just for the sake of it.
The reason I'm not? because it doesn't matter that it was Easter when I maintained, or Christmas; or if it happens again around someones birthday or a holiday. It doesn't matter because I know I'm doing everything right and I know I can get through these days/weeks in a different way to how I did in the past. It doesn't matter because I'm still down over 6 stone and it's not going back on!

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