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Monday, 11 May 2015

Post holiday weigh in!

I've been away for 2 weeks in the Scottish Highlands, I took all my Cambridge products with me and followed the plan the entire time. I found it easier than I thought I would, I'm not saying there weren't points I didn't feel like cheating. When you're used to using the phrase 'I'm on holiday, it doesn't count' it's a big change to go to 'no thanks I'm on a diet'. There was one day in particular that I really wanted cake but I didn't give in, safe to say I'm really proud of myself.
Because I weigh in on a Monday it's been 3 weeks since my last weigh in, since that weigh in I have lost another 7&1/2lb bringing my total loss to 7 stone 3&1/2lb. I'm in a new stone zone and have lost a total of 39 inches.
Next week I'm moving up to the next step on the plan and introducing more foods, I'm mostly looking forward to being able to eat fruit again. While I still have more weight to lose I feel ready to move on to the next stage and am confident I will lose more pounds and inches.

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