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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Whatever the weather

When you choose to holiday in the UK you take your chance with the weather, in the past we've had some brilliant weather while holidaying in the Scottish Highlands; this year it seems we missed the good weather.
Before leaving home we'd already planned an overnight trip to Edinburgh while we were in Scotland so we could spend the day at the zoo. Monday was a beautiful day and having arrived just after lunchtime we spent the afternoon shopping or seeing the sights, something you need longer than a few hours to do. We stayed overnight at a B&B close to the zoo and woke in the morning to rain, lot's and lot's of rain.
You have to make the best of things though, so off we went to the zoo. By the end of the day we were soaked, well exercised (it's all uphill) and a bit chilly. However we had a brilliant day, the zoo is fantastic we were able to see both pandas, the koalas woke up when we visited and despite looking like he'd had enough of the weather we even saw the lion. It is a great day out and I would highly recommend it regardless of the weather, I'm now looking forward to visiting Bristol zoo later in the year. Fingers crossed the rain stays away that day though.

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